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Maintenance Tips

Routine maintenance

Clean your bicycle

Clean your bicycle

We do not recommend the use of high pressure water jets (car wash station type), the pressure of your garden hose or a mobile washing station (as used in our article) is sufficient.

Protect your bike

Protect your bike

There are many solutions to protect a bike and we advise you to do so when the bike is still new. A well-preserved bike will retain its value for sale ;)

Adjust your position

Adjust your position on the bike

Being well-positioned on your bike is essential to make the most of your practice. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid mistakes regarding the position to have on the handlebars and on the saddle.

Security check

Check your MTB

We will only address the controls here. Even if you are a novice in mechanics, these inspections are accessible to all and will alert you to the need to go to your mechanic to correct a problem.


Adjusting the front derailleur

Front derailleur

What's worse than a front derailleur fork that rubs on the chain or refuses to change chainrings? With a simple intervention, these worries will no longer be.

Adjusting the rear derailleur

Rear Derailleur

What's worse than a rear derailleur that refuses to move on the cogset or that makes atrocious cracking noises with the transmission? With a simple intervention, these worries will no longer be.

Changing your cassette


Make it double: by maintaining your cassette, you will also increase the durability of your chain.

Changing the chain


As a key component of the transmission, the chain requires regular checking to keep you from staying stuck in the middle of a path or from changing the entire transmission.

Change your cables


A new cable, a derailleur adjustment, and enjoy the smooth and precise operation of your controls!

Changing external crank bearings

External Bottom Brackets

Now in one piece, the external crankset bearings only require a detachment box to be maintained. Simple and efficient.

Mounting a Sram 11 speed cassette

Cassette XX1

Even if the mounting of the cassette is simple, remember to deflate the shock absorber before removing two chain links from the chain, so as to avoid kickback. To your tools!

Changing your rear derailleur

Change your rear derailleur

Replacing the derailleur does not present any great difficulties and requires only a chain derivative.

Changing a Press-Fit bottom bracket

Change a Press-Fit

The Press-Fit is a standard bottom bracket that tends to become the norm. In this tutorial, we guide you step by step for the dismantling and replacement of the bottom bracket press-fit.

Installing an ISG type chain guide

Installation of an ISG type chain guide

Have you decided yo do some routine maintenance on your crankset? The installation of a guide chain is a must! There are different systems and mounting standards, but its installation is a rather simple operation.

Replacing your cables and sheath

Change your cables

Despite a rigorous maintenance of your cable, there always comes a time when the only solution to get back a fluid transmission is to replace the cable and/or casing.


Changing your wheel bearings

Wheel bearings

Change your wheel bearings (type Mavic Crossmax SLR).

Adjusting the buckling and chain catchers

Veil of the wheel

Whether it is a new wheel with relaxed spokes or a rim that is too often roughed up, it only takes a little patience to go back to a perfect circle.

Switching to a tubeless wheel

Tubeless wheel

Even though the technique to switch to a tubeless wheel is not very complicated, it will be necessary to carry out each stage with much attention. This will ensure an efficient and durable assembly.

Maintenance of the DT Swiss Ratchet
freewheel body

Grease Ratchet freewheel body

However simple this maintenance operation is, it will still require a minimum of attention, especially for reassembly and lubrication.

T-Rex expander sprocket mounting

T-Rex sprocket mounting

Your pals have been making fun of you for months with their "Mono". Hope offers you the possibility to test this system at a lower cost by removing a sprocket from your 10v cassette to add an expander sprocket: the T-rex!

Greasing the hub

Greasing of a hub

The most traditional hubs and all Shimano hubs operate on the same principle: the hub has chrome steel bearings in which chrome-plated steel balls are located. Watertightness is ensured by a nut specific to the shaft called "bearing cone ".

Changing an inner tube

Changing an inner tube

A small practical guide to easily change the inner tube.


Maintaining a hydraulic fork

Hydraulic fork

To optimise its operation, the draining of a hydraulic fork is recommended each year. We clean, we reinflate, and it's done!

Adjusting the fork

Adjust fork

You can not ride on an MTB ill-suited for your build. For maximum grip and comfort, here is the tutorial to follow.

Adjusting the shock absorber

Adjust shock absorber

Like with the fork, a good shock absorber's adjustment will provide, besides comfort, perfect adherence whilst pedaling as well as downhill or braking phases.

Changing the headset

Headset buying guide

The adjustment and/or maintenance of the headset is a delicate but essential step for the proper functioning of your MTB.

Adjusting the headset

Adjust play in direction

You are no longer able to remove this little play that you have in the steering tube? Do you feel resistance during the rotation of the handlebars? The symptoms are clear, your steering bearings can not continue on! If the integrated type bearings are very simple to maintain and replace, the same can not be said about bearing cup presses.

Replacing the shock absorber spacers

Replacing the shock absorber spacers

Maintaining a KS i900 / i900R seatpost

KS i900 / i900r

Whatever your discipline of predilection, the utility of a dropper seatpost is no longer to be demonstrated. However, to benefit from this advantage on the long term, think of its regular maintenance.

Changing the oil seals of a Fox shock absorber

Fox Shock Absorber

A suspicious little trace has come up on your Fox shock absorber, or you are afraid it is going to happen. So now is time to change the oil seals of your suspension.

Maintaining a MTB fork oil seal

Maintenance MTB fork

Ideal for maintaining a good seal and an optimal operation of the fork, this simple operation requires a minimum of attention and material.


Disc brakes:
Bleed your brakes

Purge brakes

Like for the fork, an annual maintenance is recommended. Be careful however, suitable equipment and competence are required for this operation!

Disc brakes:
Changing your brake pads

Change pads

Quite simple, this operation is a guarantee of safety. Doing so will not damage your discs.

Shortening your brake hose

Shorten brake hose

Beyond the aesthetic operation, adjusting your hoses allows a good braking efficiency.

Purge Avid Elixir

Purge Avid Elixir

Braking as late as possible to switch to Mach2 in curves will only be possible if you can brake hard and efficiently! For this, you need a perfectly maintained hydraulic system!

Adapting a disc brake

Adaptation of a disc brake

Whether you're launching a complete setup or you've decided to move to a larger diameter, fitting a disc brake is always a headache!

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