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City Bikes

Urban, Electric or Fixie Bike 

The bicycle has long been regarded as a sport or a hobby, but it is an increasingly popular means of transport, it is easily used for getting around in an urban environment. 

The air on top fo your saddle feels fresher and the choice is great, there is as many type of bikes as there is tastes and all styles of riding!

The different types of city bikes 

Comfort, handling and a touch of performance are the main features found on all city bikes. 

If you want maximum comfort and stability, the Dutch Bike or Beach Cruiser is the one to choose. Its seat is soft, the position is straight to relieve the back, the wheels are wide for a good grip on the road and the style is vintage to roll with class. The perfect bike to cruise safely and quickly in your every day urban life. 

For style, the Fixie is undoubtedly the must. This type of fixed gear bike with only a rear break, a single speed and a sleek design is so trendy! 

To ride with ease on bumps and travel long distances choose the Electric Bike, or E-Bike

If you have to take your bike everywhere, especially on public transport, choose the Folding Bike

Accessories for City Bikes, and their riders! 

To equip the rider and his bike, many accessories are available: saddles adapted to the morphology of each, crutches, lights for the front and rear of the city bike, repair kits including tires and chambers air… 

For safety the helmet is essential as well as reflective equipment, there are also jackets and pants specially designed for good protection against the rain. 



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