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The MTB wheels are made to resist to almost anything!

The wheels are one of the most important elements on your MTB, just like the fork. The MTB wheels are specific and meet extreme requirements. Being the point of contact with the ground, they must be able to take on a large number of constraints: shocks, stones, brittle descents, recurring harsh weather conditions...
Like road wheels, lightness is also important in a MTB, especially in cross-country. For the other disciplines of the MTB, the wheel must be able to undergo big shocks and remain safe for the pilot.
Another important criterion for riders looking for MTB rims is the versatility, which often combines comfort, lightness and resistance.

New standards for MTB wheels:

In recent years the models of wheels have greatly evolved in MTB. The 29 inch wheel has made its appearance it's a wheel size that approximates the standard of the road bike. This dimension is gaining more and more followers who appreciate the comfort, the traction and the effectiveness of the 29 " by mountain biking.
For those who are still reluctant to adopt this large format of MTB wheels, a new standard has appeared: the 27.5". This rim size makes it possible to find a good compromise between a 26 and 29 inch MTB wheel.
However, we must not forget the 26 inch that has been the standard in mountain biking for several years: it allows for great manoeuvrability with your bike.

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