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How to choose your city bike?

A bike for your daily commutes

The number of people commuting by bike is increasing year after year in almost every country in Europe. These people are usually new to cycling, they used to use their car or public transportation, but with growing environmental concerns and simply the desire to live a healthier life, riding to and from work by bicycle is probably one of the biggest gift you can get yourself, you will feel better, more energized, a clearer mind and in better shape overall.
Let us give you 5 key figures about commuting by bike:

  • €2,000. That's the annual saving on a 10km return journey compared to a journey by car;
  • 36 minutes of cycling every day reduces the risk of heart disease by 50%;
  • 15kph. This is the average speed at which a cyclist travels in a city, making it the fastest means of transport in town, ahead of the car*; *calculation based on a 5km trip
  • 0g. This is the average amount of CO² emitted over 1 km by a person travelling by bike (versus 310g by car).
  • 28% of EU citizens already commute by bike, don't wait any longer to join them!

These bikes will naturally favour comfort over performance. The primary goal isn't to break speed records on bike paths, so city bikes generally adopt a straight and comfortable position . Thus, you dominate the road and you can more easily analyse traffic, obstacles and dangers.
In addition, city bikes are only comfortable in urban asphalt environments. It is therefore necessary to turn towards a hybrid bicycle for a practice between city and forest tracks.

But what about maintenance?
You might be worried to buy a bike thinking its maintenance is going to be expensive or tedious when in fact, it is not the case. Urban bikes are made to withstand any conditions and all weathers. Usually made of steel, they are very robust to endure the everyday usage, components are also carefully selected and manufacturers designed groupsets, lights and even brakes that do not need that much maintenance. City bikes use dynamo lights so you don't have to worry about having recharged them or not, tyres are usually very strong and chances of punctures are pretty low.
We do recommend bringing your bike to a specialist at least once a year to do a complete checkup and to make sure you always ride safely. Also, a clean bike will last longer, take you further and be safer. So clean it!

How to stay safe on your bike

A cyclist is bound do follow the same rules as a car user, so always follow your local laws for maximum security. In town, a cyclist is considered as a vehicle but deprived of protections (bodywork, airbag). You must therefore protect yourself with the means at your disposal. By wearing a helmet, you can avoid a deadly fall.

Moreover, using bicycle paths, corridors and other reserved lanes separates you from traffic and thus decreases the probabilities of collisions.

Seeing and being seen is also an essential principle during your travels in the city. We recommend that you invest in lights and signalling accessories in order to signal your presence to other road users at night as well as during the day.

Being cautious can help you avoid the main dangers of city traffic. By stretching your arm before changing directions, by being careful at intersections and by not being on your phone, you considerably reduce the risk of accidents.

You can also secure your city bike. Bicycle thefts are very common in urban areas, therefore, don't forget to tie your precious mount with a bicycle lock .

Electric city bikes

You want to start commuting by bike but you live in a hilly country or you worry you're going to get to work all sweaty? Then maybe you should consider going for an electric bike, or also called e-bike. These bikes are perfect for people who live in hilly countries, older people who can't put down the same power as youngsters or even people with limited mobility.
Check out our guide below on how to choose your electric city bike. And if you already know you want one, then take a look at our wide range of offers!

Geometries suited to your needs

There are several kinds of city bikes. Manufacturers compete with technical innovations to meet your every need. For example:

  • Folding bikes for those with small storage space.
  • Bikes with a "goose neck" frame which make it possible to wear a dress or skirt thanks to their low frame. This is the case of Gitane bikes with the Classic or 1930 models.
  • Bikes with a top tube for the longest and most sporty urban trips.

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