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MTB handles, the pleasure of driving a MTB

You've just changed your handlebars on your mountain bike and are looking for new MTB handles that will bring you comfort and a sense of piloting? Unlike the road bike where the handlebar is paramount, in mountain biking it's the handles that are used.

The MTB handle, also called MTB grips, is the indispensable accessory between the handlebars and your hands. It's the link between the pilot and their cockpit.

There is a wide choice of materials for MTB handles: rubber, foam, synthetic leather... Note that the MTB grips in foam are the most comfortable, but also the most fragile.
While some mountain bikers are afraid that their handles will rotate in the event of rain, there is a screw fixing system on certain models (Lock-on) which prevents it from rotating in wet conditions. However, the lock-on MTB handles are heavier.


How to choose MTB handles

The choice of your MTB grips mostly depends on the right compromise between comfort and feeling.
A good MTB handle is a shock absorbing handle that is well suited to your hand size and most importantly allows you to have the best steering feel out of your MTB.

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MTB grips, to enjoy mountain biking

You have just changed your handlebar on your mountain bike and you are looking for new MTB grips to improve your comfort and your confidence? You need to make the difference between bar tape used on Road Bike and grips used on MTB.
You must choose carefully your MTB grips as they are a contact point between your hands and your bike. MTB grips, MTB pedals, and MTB saddles are the three contact points between a rider and a bike.
They are many grips available on the MTB market : Foam grips, rubber grips, leather grips€¦ Foam grips are the most comfortable but also the most fragile.
For wet-weather peace of mind, you can choose grips with lock-on collars. Lock-on grips are a little bit heavier than standard grips.

Choose the right grips for your MTB

The most important is to choose the right balance between grip, comfort and feel.
A good MTB grip absorb shocks, has the right diameter for your hand and the most important, allow you to ride in confidence.
On our website Alltricks.com, you can find a wide range of MTB grips among the best brands in the world: Odi, Troy Lee Designs, Ritchey, Sram, Oury, Lizard Skins...

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