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MTB Sport Sunglasses

MTB glasses, essential to protect your eyes in mountain biking

MTB glasses are like the gloves or the helmet. When riding a mountain bike, it's important to protect both the eyes and the head.

The MTB glasses are often the same ones as used in road biking. The ranges vary a lot according to the brands; nevertheless, bicycle glasses are the flagship equipment of the fashionable cyclist.

They fulfil several roles for a mountain biker:
- They protect the eyes from sunlight. This is the bike glasses' primary role, especially in summer.
- They also protect you from branches and other obstacles dangerous for your eyes in mountain biking.
- They prevent you from having splashes of mud blind you or too much dust in the eyes.

As you can see, the MTB goggles are essential to avoid any inconvenience and to have a good vision throughout your mountain bike trip.


Adapt your MTB glasses according to the weather conditions

Your choice of mountain bike glasses will be made according to climate conditions and terrain. The choice of glasses is actually all about the lenses (more or less tinted).
Today, most brands offer you models of mountain bike glasses with several shades of lenses. You can change lenses easily according to weather conditions.

If the weather is rainy and the ground is greasy, it's better to use transparent glasses, whereas if the weather is sunny, the use of black or blue tinted glasses becomes mandatory.

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