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Bike glasses to protect your eyes

Bike glasses are an integral part of the cyclist's equipment and are essential to protect your eyes from the sun, wind, insects, dust and gravel.

They must be comfortable, light and robust with quality glasses.

The frames have a curved shape that covers the face well and allows a wide field of vision. They are designed in solid, flexible and light materials that make you forget you wear them. The most comfortable mounts are equipped with rubber arms, pads and bridges so that the bike glasses adhere correctly to the face in case of important sweating.

Different models are adapted to your practice: there are glasses for road biking and mountain biking and MTB masks for BMX and extreme MTB practices.

The choice of lenses

When you leave for a bike trip, it's essential to adapt the colour of your glasses according to the weather:

  • If the weather is cloudy or rainy, opt for a transparent or yellow tint to reduce dazzling and amplify contrasts.
  • If the sunlight is low, choose a orange or pink-tinted glasses, as they improve the contrast when the brightness is low.
  • If the sunlight is strong, use brown-tinted glasses that will improve the contrast and allow a better perception of the road or path, or gray-colored glasses that will not alter the colours.

You can choose interchangeable lenses on the same frame to adapt them to the weather or opt for photochromic lenses that light up or darken depending on the lighting conditions.

For maximum protection, there are polarising lenses that avoid the effects of the reverberation of light.

The most resistant glasses are made of polyamide and polycarbonate. For added comfort, choose anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses.

Choose glasses for your own comfort.

There is also the possibility of putting corrective lenses on your bike glasses.

For the maintenance of your bike glasses, we recommend you to wipe them with a microfibre cloth and a specific cleaning spray. Dishwashing liquid with a little water also does the trick.


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