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MTB Gear Shifters

MTB speed controls, for quick piloting

Shifting in mountain biking is a very common action. It's also an action that needs to be done with delicacy, in order to extend the durability of its chain and its MTB cogset.

The speed controls, also known as rate cotnrollers, are directly placed on the handlebars and allow you to shift gears easily and quickly.
The controls are used to operate the cables which will then operate the derailleurs to change gears.
The materials used for speed controls are usually plastic and aluminium. On the higher-end models, the controls are made of carbon.

MTB gear shifting: 2 large standards

The 2 manufacturers of MTB gear shifts are the same as for transmissions: Shimano and Sram.
Then, the choice of its speed control must be made between 2 large standards:

- The shifters
- The Gripshift

The shifter is the most common standard. It's a grip system where you simply push these to shift gears.
The gripshift , also called rotating handles, allows to pass the speeds very quickly since they are in the prolongation of the handles. However, it takes a time of adaptation because you might change speed unwittingly.

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Sram GX Rear Trigger Shifter - Black

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