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Garmin: reference brand in outdoor GPS

If we talk about the company NavPro, few people will be familiar with it. But what if we told you that it was the former name of the Garmin brand? That's how its founders, two American engineers Min H. Kao and Gary Burrell, started the brand in October 1989. Two years later, it was renamed Garmin (the combination of the two partners' names).

During their early years, they launched products aimed at the seafaring market, such as GPS receivers. However, it was in the 2000s that the brand secured its reputation by changing its target audience. Since then, they have started to launch a new products aimed at hikers and, more generally, outdoor sports. We are talking about the well-known GPS computers.

Today, Garmin is an undisputed leader in cycling, thanks to its GPS computers adapted for cycling, its integrated cameras and its many accessories.

Garmin: leader in sports electronics

The Garmin brand also specialises in smartphone apps. In fact, its Garmin Connect application is a great success with more than 7 million users. This application allows athletes to prepare, save and share data from their sports activities.

The brand's latest innovations are:

  • Fēnix 3: the new outdoor multisport GPS watch. A real technological gem that provides easy access to a wide range of useful data during training sessions and allows you to plan your route.
  • Vívoactive™: a GPS smartwatch for an active lifestyle. Vivoactive™, saves activity data from all your sport sessions: running, cycling, swimming, golf, etc. As well as all the daily efforts during your sporting activities.

Garmin bikes: Garmin cycling products

They are pure specialists in cycling. Garmin offers cyclists products such as GPS cycling computers, integrated cameras and the Garmin Connect App in order to improve performance and provide personalised and practical support.

Garmin GPS computers can help to set up different routes allowing new routes to be explored, both for athletes and amateurs. The fact that you can carry an integrated camera with you also allows you to capture a visual memory of the route.

Sports watches and bracelets with sensors allow you to record the statistics of each workout or ride, and are just as useful for family outings as they are for a competition.

Great champions ride with Garmin GPS

In addition to offering products adapted to the world of cycling, Garmin goes further. The brand is also deeply involved in competitive cycling.

Garmin is a racing superstar. In 2022, the brand sponsors more than 15 professional cycling teams such as Quick Step-Alpha Vynil, INEOS Grenadiers or even Team Jumbo-Visma. Garmin is also working hand-in-hand with hundreds of professional athletes in various sports such as running or triathlon.

The whole Garmin range on Alltricks

Garmin Edge 530, Garmin Edge 830, Garmin Edge 1030 or Garmin Edge 1040 for cyclists. Garmin Forerunner or Garmin Fenix for runners. Find the best offers and discounts on the best products from Garmin, the leading brand in sports electronics and outdoor GPS.

Do you need help to choose your Garmin GPS? Check out our guide on how to choose a GPS computer or our guide on how to choose your GPS watch.


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