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Triathlon Running Shoes

Triathlon running shoes and their specificities

Triathlon running shoes have certain features that differentiate them from traditional running shoes. In fact, they are light, dynamic and easy to put on thanks to a quick lacing system so as not to lose time at the transition.

In a race, triathletes mostly run barefoot in their running shoes; the ideal is to have seamless shoes for comfort and breathability to easily evacuate moisture and sweat. To keep the feet dry, holed soles will help to remove moisture. The must: triathlon shoes with insoles with antibacterial treatment.

How to choose triathlon running shoes

In the same vein as traditional running shoes, several parameters are to be taken into account to choose your triathlon running shoes:

- the size of the foot.

- the type of stride: supinator, pronator or universal.

- the type of practice: triathlon or cross triathlon. Indeed, for a classic triathlon you'll choose running shoes adapted to the road, while for cross triathlon, you'll choose shoes with good support and studs if the ground is greasy.

- the type of distance: for short triathlons go for a light and dynamic shoe, for a long distance opt for good cushioning.

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