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Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Triathlon shoes

For the Triathlon as much as for the road bike, shoes must be resistant, light and comfortable. The soles of the Triathlon shoes must be as light and rigid as possible to promote the transfer of energy; It's for this reason that they are often made of carbon.Some brands strive to make carbon soles ever more thinner to improve this energy transfer. One of the specificities of the Triathlon is that you can't waste time transitioning between the swimming/cycling and cycling/running trials. The athletes must be able to put on and take off these Triathlon shoes as quickly as possible. For this reason, the VELCRO webbing closure system is most commonly used on Triathlon shoes.

It's the fastest because it offers a large opening, which facilitates the transitions.

The Triathlon shoe must be well ventilated so that the feet arn't too hot in summer and faciltiate the feet drying process after the swimming phase.

The comfort of some of these shoes and their aeration allows you to ride or run without bike socks.

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