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MTB Arm and Leg Warmers

Mountain and road cuffs, equipments to stay warm

As a cyclist or mountain biker, you've already been confronted to cool temperatures during summer. The famous little breeze that doesn't necessarily require you to wear a jacket, but which also doesn't allow you to ride in a jersey... The MTB sleeves are the right solution.
Cycling cuffs are 'tubes' that fit on the forearms. The principle of the cuffs is exactly the same as that of the leggings, but for the arms!

They cover the forearm, the elbow and the biceps. The sleeve stops at the short jersey's sleeve in order to tuck it underneath, so it doesn't slip. The cuffs are very compact and can easily be slipped into the back of the jersey for quick release. The bicycle cuff gives off a little heat while wearing a short jersey and without being forced to wear a jacket.

Bike leggings for autumn or winter

Bicycle leggings are the equivalent of the cuffs for the lower body. They slip on the top of the thigh under the cycling shorts and down to the ankles to protect you from the cold in autumn or winter. They are often lined in fleece and windproof fabric - and even waterproof for certain brands like Castelli and its Nano Flex technology. Compared to long shorts, the advantage is that you can easily remove them when the sun arrives or the race accelerates.

There are also bicycle knee pads that protect your legs and especially the knees from the cold. They are perfect in the fall when you leave early and the temperature hasn't had time to rise.

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