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MTB V-Brakes

The MTB caliper brake is simple

The system consists of a lever, a cable and casing assembly, a caliper and a pair of brake shoes. The impurities are kept outside the casing by means of the duct ends and the cables are equipped with cable ends in order not to fray (you'll also find these parts under the names of cable stop or cable casing).

The system works by friction of the shoes on the rim, these being actuated by a lever on the handlebar, the force is transmitted by the cable which slides in the casing.

This system uses the brake shoe lining (or cartridge) but also the brake track of the rim which gets hollow the more it's used.

Different caliper brake systems

There are different types of brake calipers for MTB, such as the central draw or the cantilever, but these systems have gradually disappeared from the market and the V-brake is tending to give way to the disc brake.

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MTB caliper brakes

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