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Bike Locks

The bicycle lock, an accessory that has become essential

There are more and more bicycle thefts, so it's essential to have an anti-theft system to protect your bike. It must be solid and allow a point of attachment to a fixed support which must encompass the frame of the bicycle at the very least.

There are several types of bicycle lock, with different degrees of safety.

The different types of bicycle lock

  • The anti-theft cable or spiral attaching the wheel to a fixed point but offering little security if used alone. It's recommended to use a U-shaped lock for the frame in addition to the anti-theft device for the wheel for better safety. A long bicycle lock cable (10 meters) makes it possible to include the two wheels at the point of attachment.
  • The chain lock offers good protection with steel links, the ideal being to have links of at least 8 mm for better safety.
  • The U-shaped lock, which is made of steel and is very robust, is the most popular anti-theft device for cyclists and the most powerful in terms of protection. The size of the handle can vary, knowing that a long handle will make it easier to attach your bike to any type of support.
  • The framelock that locks the rear wheel, It's mainly used for short stops and can be completed by a chain to attach the bike to a fixed point.
  • The folding lock, lightweight U-shaped lock that fits into a cover that can be attached to the frame.

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Ixow Wheelguard Gravity Nuts Wheel Lock Silver


Ixow Wheelguard Gravity Nuts Wheel Lock Silver

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