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MTB Derailleur Hangers

MTB derailleur hanger, the indispensable fuse

The MTB derailleur hanger is a small piece, often made of aluminium, which allows to connect your MTB rear derailleur to your frame.
The derailleur hanger is therefore a fuse: it's an inexpensive piece designed to break or twist if you fall or have a mechanical problem.
It's less expensive to replace a derailleur hanger rather than to change your entire rear derailleur, or worst, your entire frame!
A derailleur hanger can also become brittle over time if your transmission is poorly adjusted or poorly maintained: twisted rear derailleur, damaged chain, chain too short...

How to choose your derailleur hanger?

There are almost as many different models of derailleur hangers as of mountain bike frames... And unfortunately, one model is rarely interchangeable with another.
On our Alltricks site, you'lll find the MTB derailleur hanger that will suit you among the best brands and many models: Trek, Haibike, Viper, Sobre, Yeti...

Find all our MTB derailleur hangers on Alltricks at unbeatable prices delivered in 24-48h.

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