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How to choose your road tyres

Black Chili Compound

Soft rubber specially designed to last longer and offer the least possible rolling resistance with maximum grip.

Vectran Breaker

Protection against punctures in Vectran (more flexible than aramid and 5 times stronger than steel).

PolyX Breaker

Polyester puncture protection.


Polyamide reinforcement on all the tyre's tread, specially designed for the toughest conditions (bicycles for couriers, adventurers, and on Paris Roubaix).


Protection against perforations on the tread and sidewalls for greater reliability.


Combination of differentiated tread section between the front and the rear, for an optimised rolling and grip, as a technology derived from the motorcycle.

Safety System

Nylon and Kevlar puncture protection lighter than rubber, preventing the penetration of spikes, stink bugs and pieces of glass.


Ultra-soft special tread providing maximum grip and comfort on the ultra-light tyre.

ISOgrip Compound

High-performance rubber blend for ultimate efficacy in dry and wet conditions, Service Course special rubber.

Kevlar® SiO2 3D Compound

Composed of high silica (SiO2) rubber and a mixture of Kevlar particles. High grip, low rolling resistance and high mileage.

Kevlar 3D Compound

High-performance rubber formulation added to Kevlar for cotton tubulars 220 TPI.

Aquagrip 3D Compound

Evolution of ISOgrip rubber, reformulated for very humid conditions at low temperature.

ARAMID Endura 3D Compound

Specially designed to extend the durability of the endurance tyres' treads without damaging the grip on wet ground.

Air Light

Extra lightweight tyre.

Road Tubeless

Tubeless tyre specially designed for road use.

Kevlar Pro Tech

Tread reinforced with a flexible and very dense textile underlayer in 100% Kevlar.


Very thin puncture-resistant reinforcement (approx.1mm) and very resistant. Concept especially suitable for those looking for a puncture protection without penalising the weight or the performance.


This concept favours performance, relaunch and lightness over longevity and puncture resistance without damaging the fixation. The tread is equipped with a rubber optimised for performance.


Tread reinforced with a soft and dense textile grid to protect the tyre from cuts without impairing comfort and performance.

Reinforced Technology

Reinforced Technology consists in placing a nylon reinforcement under the tread to improve the resistance to punctures.

Triple Compound

The hard rubber in the centre increases durability, cut resistance and resistance to perforations while providing low rolling resistance. The intermediate rubber, which is softer, guarantees a progressive turning as well as safety thanks to superior adhesion. Finally, the very soft lateral rubber offers an unrivalled grip for engaging in curves at high speed. Race Riposte rubber that favours performance and grip. The perfect combination of materials (specific synthetic rubbers, black carbon and silica alloy)


Three compounds made of a stronger, more durable centre and two gradually softer lateral compounds for unrivaled rolling efficiency.


Addition of Vectran and Kevlar in the tread to protect certain high-end tyres from the brand with no weight addition.


Nylon anti puncture layer directly under the tyre's cord fabric.


Kevlar layer between the cord fabric and the tread.


Technology that combines carbon rods with an internal butyl layer inside the tyre to be mounted on tubeless road tyres, without inner tube.


Two different rubbers for the centre and side bands


Aramid rods, designed to be flexible and light.


Rigid rods thanks to the use of steel rods.


Anti-puncture reinforcement in aramid fibre.

Reinforced Technology

Additional protective layer to improve the resistance of the tread on the sidewalls and avoid punctures by pinching.

Active Line

Tread 50 EPI for optimum tyre quality even on entry-level tyres.


Different rubber mixing processes enable Schwalbe to perfectly adapt each tyre to the practice for which it will be intended.

Double Defense

Kevlar reinforcements in the tread and sidewalls for an incredible cut and puncture resistance.

Dynamic Casing DC

Tread design intended for high flexibility on the rolling area and increased efficiency.

Evolution Line

Extremely lightweight and powerful tyres thanks to a 127EPI tread and a design with 3 rubbers.

Green Guard Level 5

3mm natural rubber insert to make an environmentally friendly tyre made from recycled latex, natural rubber and other recycled materials.

Handmade Tubular HT

Tubular tyres manufactured entirely by hand in Germany with the expertise of the brand.

HD-Speed ​Guard Level 5

High-tech fibre for more cut resistance.

Protection Level

Scale of protection against punctures ranging from 1 (Schwalbe doesn't propose any tyre of the sort) to 6 (puncture-proof).

Puncture Guard Level 5

Level of safety against punctures, level 5 being the most reliable, at an attractive price but with less rubber elasticity.

Race Guard Level 4

Double layer of nylon fabric, ideal for light and sports tyres, level 4 puncture protection.

Triple Star Compound

Level 3 rubber hardness, which is distributed intelligently to maintain the grip and durability of the tyre.

Tubeless Road

Tubeless technology, completely waterproof tyre for use on Tubeless road rims offering lower rolling resistance and a better performance.

Quality Lines

Tyre range level: Active Line for Schwalbe entry-level tyres, Performance Line for excellent quality for a regular practice and Evolution Line for exceptional quality on all levels. V-Guard Level 5 anti-puncture technology in the tyre tread


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