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How to choose your e-bike

In recent years, e-bikes -also know as electric bicycles or electric assist bikes- have multiplied in our cities, but also in our forests!

Very pleasant to use because they require less effort and offer more sensations, e-bikes are very appreciated.

The pricerange widely varies depending on the quality and brand of the bike. It is therefore important to be well informed before choosing the bike that will suit you. Some brands

E-bikes functioning

Electric assist bikes all work on the same principle. An electric motor is activated by the user when pedaling to facilitate their effort and increase their pedaling power.

The motor can be located in different places: in the front wheel hub or at the level of the bottom bracket. The motors located at the level of the bottom bracket make it possible to fluidify the pedaling aid and help to avoid a jerking effect. This motor is connected to a battery fixed on the frame of the bike. It's rechargeable on mains, which makes it possible to supply the motor with electricity.

A digital console is attached to the handlebar and indicates tot the cyclist the use of the battery and allows to adjust all the engine variables (activation, power, walk assistance).

The electric assistance enables the cyclist to climb difficult terrain more easily and allows them to enjoy better performances without spoiling their pleasure of piloting.

Different criteria for an e-bike

Type and size of the bike

As for any bike, you will have to choose the type of e-bike that best meets your needs and requirements: semi-rigid, all-hanging, and bike size. To choose which bike will suit you best, go and take a look at our special MTB frame purchase guide!


While some bikes integrate their engine into the front wheel or rear wheel, others opt for an integrated engine in the pedals.

The integrated motorisation is more efficient and better adapted to sporting practices, therefore all e-bikes sold by Alltricks adopt this technology.

The maximum power permitted for an electric bike engine is 250W.

The engine torque is the most important variable to watch out for, virtually meaning all motors with a 250W motor integrated.

The engine torque, the delivered force, is expressed in Newtons per metre (Nm). The engines that equip our bikes are the most powerful on the market (50-60 Nm).


This is undoubtedly the second most important element in the electric assist system of the bike.

The batteries are mostly made of Lithium (to save in charging time, durability, weight) and offer a range of ampere-hours (Ah) or Watts-hour (Wh). The higher the number of Ah or Wh, the greater the autonomy.

The batteries included on the e-bikes sold by Alltricks are generally 400Wh, which corresponds to a range of about 50km to 80km depending on the use.

The second measuring element for the battery is the Volt (V), the more important it will be, the stronger the boost sensation will be perceived by the pilot.

Most batteries for VAE are 24V or 36V. All of Alltricks' batteries are 36V, so you won't have to worry about their power.

Weight of the bike

The weight of the bike, which was already an important criterion in the choice of a "classic" bike with no electric assist, becomes predominant here.

The entire electrical system (battery and motor) effectively adds a significant weight to the bike. An electric bycicle of poor quality can prove to be really disadvantageous if the bike's battery gives away before the end of your trip.

Some technical aspects

The final element determining the quality and therefore the price of the electric bycicle is, without a single doubt, the quality of the original frame as well as the latter's equipment.

As with any bike, all the components will determine the price of the bike. Therefore, we make a distinction between entry-level, mid-range and high-end e-bikes.


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