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Choose your Sram MTB groupset

SRAM: the pioneer of modern MTB drivetrains

The drivetrain choice on a MTB will depend on the type of terrain ridden, budget and level of the rider. Indeed, the developments will be different if you practice DH, enduro or cross-country MTB, if the wheels of the MTB are 29 inches, 27.5 inches or 26 inches. It is also necessary to take into account the gearing, so with a 1×12 speed drivetrain, the versatility will be better.

To meet the needs of all riders, the American company SRAM has always been innovative and has been ahead of its competitors in developing a complete range of drivetrains by pushing the technological boundaries. SRAM now shares the market with Shimano on the MTB drivetrain components market.

Indeed, SRAM is not only the precursor of the MTB single chainring drivetrain but it is also the manufacturer who launched the first 2X10 speed MTB groupset, then the 1X11 speed and the 1X12 speed.

Sturdiness and precision characterize the SRAM MTB range, it allows an optimal gear shift: smooth, simple and silent.

Which SRAM MTB groupset to choose in the SRAM range ?

The choice of a SRAM groupset will depend on your riding style but also on your budget. If you choose a single chainring drivetrain, be careful not to overestimate yourself because you need to be physically fit to get the best out of it, especially if you are used to riding in the mountains.

SRAM SX groupset

The latest model from SRAM is an entry-level 1×12 speed transmission offered at less than 300 euros. If you have a tight budget and want to switch to a 1×12 drivetrain, this is the perfect compromise to have fun at a lower cost. The cassette is adaptable on a 10/11v hyperglide freewheel body. So you won't have any extra cost.

SRAM NX groupset

The NX groupset is available in 1 x 11 speeds but also with Eagle technology in 1 x 12 speeds. Affordable, it allows everyone to switch to Eagle and become familiar with a single chainring drivetrain. Compatible with the rest of the Eagle range (SX, GX, X01, XX1 and AXS), you can mix all the components from different ranges between them if needed.

SRAM GX groupset

Released in 2016, the new SRAM GX groupset replaces the X7, X9 groupsets and offers 4 drivetrains 2 x 10v, 2 x 11v, 1 x 11v and 1 x 12 speed (the SRAM GX Eagle). This groupset is produced in Germany and it will prove to be very reliable whatever your playing field, even the most extreme. Indeed the GX group is also available in 7 speeds for a specific use in DH MTB. Downhill riding requires an increased reliability and resistance and the staging of the cassette is less important than in XC or in Enduro. The choice between a double or single chainring will depend on the amount of climbing you plan to do, your physical qualities and your riding style. This groupset is the most affordable in the mid/high range (available around 320€ depending on the configuration) and it will appeal to riders who want to upgrade their mountain bike with a limited budget. It is also available in an electric version, the SRAM GX Eagle AXS.

SRAM X01 and XX1 groupsets

The X01 groupset is designed in Germany and only available with a single chainring. It offers you smarter shifting and more precise management of the chainring. It is intended for full-suspension MTB disciplines that face gravity like downhill or enduro. This group is also available in 7 speed X01 DH with the X-HORIZON derailleur and the X-ACTUATION trigger control.

The X01 and XX1 groupsets are the top of the line from the American brand. These cross-country-optimized drivetrains combine the next generation of drivetrain engineering advances with lightweight materials. With a 500% increase in gear range from lowest to highest gear, the XX1 Eagle group offers smoother, more precise shifting with even longer durability for lasting performances.

The XX groupset is available in 2×10 speeds and the XX1 is SRAM's flagship MTB drivetrain with 1 x 11 and 1 x 12 speeds. The XX1 is also available with Eagle technology. The XX1 groupset with SRAM Eagle technology stands out with its silence and fluidity during your rides. It's no coincidence that the last Swiss Olympic champion was riding the XX1 Eagle.

SRAM AXS groupsets

The SRAM AXS drivetrain range is an intuitive high performance wireless system! There is an AXS option for GX, X01 and XX1 drivetrains.

No cable, box or wire is there to limit the design and engineering possibilities offered with the Eagle AXS control, here is a new shifting experience with new ergonomic contact points require minimal pressure.

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