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Planete Urgence

Did you know ? Thanks to you, Alltricks has laready plantes 18 500 trees in Madagascar. An operation that we lead with Planète Urgence, which acts since 2000 for the protection of environment and the populations.

Planète Urgence is an NGO of international solidarity created in 2000 and recognized to be of public utility.

Their motto : strengthen the humans for a fairer and durable planet.

They work for everyone to live with dignity and in an autonomous manner in a preserved environment.

This is why, Planète Urgence and Alltricks collaborate hand in hand for the forests and the biodiversity.


Each minute, the equivalent of 30 football pitchs of tropical rainforest disappears from Earth. 12 million hectare of rainforest has been cut down in 2018, which equals the total superficy of Nicaragua. However, theese rainforests play a determining role in CO2 absorption, principal source of greenhouse gas and global warming.

Forest cutting has dramatic consequences for humans and their environment : it releases tons of carbons stocked by trees during their life. Global warming affects the ecosystem by reducing their capacity to stock more carbon. Forests are also at the heart of the cycle of water, which is also perturbated by this phenomenon.

Forests are vital for our equilibrium, we have to preserve them !

Planete Urgence

If forests must be protected, it is also to preserve the irreplaceable biodiversity of the animal and plant species they shelter, as well as the people who depend on them. One third of the world's population today uses wood and natural resources from forests for their vital needs (construction, cooking, heating, income-generating activities in particular).

Deforestation therefore threatens the lives of entire communities, their ancestral territories, the nature and ecosystem services on which they depend and the traditional knowledge they hold.

Our planet is in a state of emergency. In order to guarantee a planet of solidarity and sustainability for people where everyone can live with dignity, let us preserve our forests.

With Alltricks : I go green !

As a mountain bike enthusiast, the forest is our playground, let's take care of it. Thanks to the operation 1 bike purchased = 1 tree planted, you contribute to the fight against climate change by financing the planting of trees. Each tree planted produces oxygen, contributes to the maintenance of animal species, regulates the water cycle, participates in the food security of populations and promotes climate balance.

Planète Urgence's reforestation projects in Indonesia and Madagascar reconcile environmental protection and the development of sustainable economic activities.

It is a fun and committed way to raise the awareness of each of us on the issue of reforestation and the climate by planting a tree. Together, let's go further in the fight against climate change!

Planète Urgence actions in Madagascar

Madagascar is the 5th largest island in the world. It has an exceptional biodiversity, the great majority of which is endemic. 80% of its inhabitants work in agriculture, mainly family farming. 90% of the rural population lives on less than 2$/day and wood is by far the main source of energy (heating, cooking). These needs lead to massive deforestation, mainly due to the extreme poverty of the population.

In Madagascar, in the Itasy region, the tapia forest (endemic tree) plays a key ecological role: it is the natural habitat of the wild silkworm, it produces fruits and seeds, it shelters fungi and insects, etc. It thus provides resources on which the members of VOI, the local community organizations to which the Malagasy State has delegated the management of this remarkable ecosystem, are highly dependent. In particular, it harbors an endemic species of wild silkworm, the landibe, whose silk cocoons are traditionally used for making textile handicrafts (clothing, scarves, shrouds, festive clothing, etc.). The tapia forests are massively deforested. The destruction of this ecosystem and its overexploitation threaten its biodiversity and contribute to the increase in poverty of already vulnerable populations.

Planete Urgence

Reforestation and preservation of existing forests

  • There are 368 reforestation workers, including 5 trained nurserymen (reforestation/forestry control).
  • 222,862 trees: 86% of the trees planted are for wood energy (eucalyptus, acacia), 10% are tapia plants and 4% are fruit trees (citrus, lychees, coffee, papaya).
  • Development plans developed for sustainable management of land and natural resources in the villages. (Tapia, Afiberia and Fanajariana).

Planète Urgence's perspectives to 2022

  • Extension of the intervention area (at least 1 new commune, Miarinarivo II, in a new district of the Itasy region).
  • Reinforcement of environmental education (school and community).
  • Update of data on tapia forest cover and main limitations.
  • Continuation and intensification of reforestation with: 35,000 tapia, 215,000 trees for wood energy, 12,500 fruit trees.
  • Reinforcement of wild silkworm restocking and development of small-scale livestock farming (beekeeping, poultry farming).


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