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WTB KOM Light i25 29'' Rim Black


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Delivered on 16/12


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WTB's lightest alloy rims, the KOM Light family combines high-end performance and proven tubeless dependability to create an affordable rim attainable by all. WTB KOM Light rims employ an open cavity design to make them sprightly enough for 200 miles of gravel, while strong 6069 aluminum alloy also make them resilient enough to endure daily hammering on your trail bike. Choose KOM Light when you're looking for high-end performance at a low-key price.

Main features:

  • Open-Cavity Design: Open-cavity rim profile eliminates unnecessary weight while also reducing radial stiffness to create a smoother ride. Open-cavity rims are the top choice of drop bar and XC riders wanting to minimize weight while also improving rim compliance for less overall body fatigue at the end of a long day.
  • Dependable 6069 Alloy: Many years of rim development and success have confirmed 6069 to be the perfect aluminum alloy blend for mountain bike rims. Our extensive testing shows other 6000-series alloy to be less ding-resistant, while stiffer 7000-series alloys result in a harsher ride feel and tend to increase pinch flats.
  • 4D Angled Spoke Holes: Drilling spoke holes at an angle eliminates binding and lateral loading of the spoke and nipple interface. It also allows spoke tension to be more evenly dispersed on the nipple rather than loading one side more than the other. Allowing the spoke to depart the rim at a natural angle increases the longterm durability of both the spoke and nipple.
  • TCS Solid Strip: Durable nylon strip that lies between the rim and tubeless tape to prevent tubeless tape from pushing into the spoke holes and ensures a smooth interface between the tire and rim. The smooth surface makes it easier to mount a tire by preventing air from escaping around the bead at each indent during inflation. Solid Strip also protects the airtight system from puncture in the case of a broken spoke.
  • 25 mm Inner Rim Width: KOM Light rims with a 25 inner rim width are best suited for gravel bikes with 41-50 mm tires. They are also the rim of choice for our beloved 650x47 mm Road Plus tires. Choosing the correct inner rim width for the tires you ride will optimize the air volume and tire profile of your specific tire and rim combo.


  • Usage: Gravel / Cyclocross / Cross-Country / Trail.
  • TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) 2.0.
  • Wheel size: 29".
  • Inner width: 25 mm.
  • Outer width: 29 mm.
  • Depth: 17.75 mm.
  • Weight: 459 g (KOM Light rims weighed with Solid Strip installed).
  • ERD (Effective Rim Diameter): 606.
  • Rim size designation: 25-622.
  • Max spoke tension range: 110-120 KgF.
  • Reference: W020-0558 - KOM Light i25 29" TCS 2.0 Rim, 32 hole Black, PV.





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