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Batons Forclaz M-Trekking 500 Black



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Fruit of a long development with passionate and demanding trekkers, we have created this tone that will accompany you durably on your long hikes.
Are you going on a hike or trek and you need to transport your poles easily and be able to count on them for a long time? This model is the most compact and resistant of the range.


  • Ergonomic grip: Foam handle, 3D shape and long. Elongated and soft pommel. Soft strap ..
  • Adjustable: External blocker. Precise and fast adjustment. 110 130 cm. Fold back: 36 cm.
  • Weight: 275 g / b ton.
  • Compactness: Foldable 5-strand stick. Retracted length: 36 cm. Collapsed width: ~ 6 x 6 cm.
  • Resistance: Aluminum 7075-T6. Large tube diameters 20/18/16/16/16 mm. Tip tungst ne.
  • Compatibility: Supplied with: t washer, removable and replaceable + tip protection tip.
  • 2 years warranty.

The story of its development. :

  • Entirely designed and validated by us, at the foot of Mont Blanc, in team with passionate and demanding trekkers, during mythical treks: Tour of Mont Blanc, Moroccan Atlas, Tour of Tenerife.
  • The durability of this concrete was also validated by a sustainability test mission of 550km in the Canaries and Pyrenees (GR10).

Why have we specially worked on sustainability? :

  • You trek to enjoy the calm of the great outdoors, which can sometimes take you far from civilization. In addition, you carry your belongings, over several days. You should therefore be able to count on the resistance of your sticks.
  • Were opt wide tubes, high-end aluminum. We have secured the push-pin area with internal reinforcement. This model can thus support 560 N (~ 56 kg) per ton, given from the compression test (support in the axis of the ton).

Why did we focus on compactness? :
To get to your trekking place, you will sometimes be taken to take transport. You will also have to bring lots of material in your bag. It is therefore much more practical to have space-saving shades. Once folded, these b tons fit in the side pocket of your trekking backpack.

How did we imagine this handle? :

  • We have favored EVA foam, a soft material, ideal for managing perspiration and which is very resistant to snags.
  • We have added a long grip under the handle for a low grip when going up and down.
  • The knob is the most comfortable of the range with its elongated rounded shape and its soft material. It allows a very good grip from above.
  • Finally, we imagined the strap without extra thickness and with little seam to avoid the bulbs.

Details on the tubes ... :

  • The bottom tube has undergone a special treatment called shot-blasting. It is a mechanical treatment of the surface which eliminates the need for anodization and therefore less pollution. It does not affect the strength of your skin tone. It gives this grainy appearance and leaves the natural color of aluminum. Thus, the scratches (in vitable) will be less visible.
  • The other four tubes are still anodized because their sliding requires smooth surfaces.

How to set your sticks to the right length? :

  • The forearm, holding the stick, should be perpendicular to the arm along the body.
  • To use the tone: first fold the tone until the push-pin "clicks". Refer to the notice attached to the tone.
  • To adjust the length: open the lever of the external blocker, slide the tube to the desired length and close the lever. Never pass the STOP line to avoid the risk of breakage.

Directions for use :

  • These trekking poles are designed to help you balance, propel yourself and release the efforts between arms and legs.
  • For more security, check before leaving and regular intervals, the lock of your stick, by simulating important supports.
  • If you notice that your stick tends to sag, the blocker wheel needs to be adjusted. Open the lever and screw the knob a quarter and a half turn.
  • Do not put on your backpack in stormy weather.

Care tips :

  • Maintaining your bons well helps maintain optimal functioning and lengthen their lifespan.
  • After use, if water has entered the stick, remove the strands and leave to dry. If necessary, clean the dust or mud with water or dry with a soft brush or a paintbrush.
  • Once dry, you can reassemble the strands. We recommend not trying to oil or grease.

Why sold the unit? :

  • At D cathlon, we decided to sell our hiking / trekking poles individually. On the one hand for reasons of use. Indeed, some people want to use a single stick. This therefore meets their needs.
  • On the other hand, if one of your b tones breaks, this allows you to buy back only one b tone rather than a complete pair.

Accessories sold separately and suitable for this model :

  • Soft tips: r f. 8503858
  • Washers t: r f. 8503854
  • Winter washers: r f. 8503857
  • Replacement tip (available during 2020): r f. 8577676.



Gender Non communiqué
Material Aluminium




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