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Chain / Wax Lubricant AbsoluteBlack Graphenwax
Chain / Wax Lubricant AbsoluteBlack Graphenwax
Chain / Wax Lubricant AbsoluteBlack Graphenwax
Chain / Wax Lubricant AbsoluteBlack Graphenwax
Chain / Wax Lubricant AbsoluteBlack Graphenwax

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Chain / Wax Lubricant AbsoluteBlack Graphenwax



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The world's first graphene-based foldable hot melt wax formula has arrived. GRAPHENwax ® is a super pliable, non-friable, quiet, clean and extremely easy to apply formula. It has excellent soil protection capabilities and durability while maintaining low friction for an extended period of time in dry and mixed conditions. It is the easiest wax to apply after the chain has cooled - just hold the chain in one hand and run it between two fingers of your free hand (as in our video) and you're done - no more sticking or back-pedalling problems. Our wax will not chip, flake or leave marks thanks to our exclusive formula. Keeps your transmission clean. 

Unlike other hot melt waxes, GRAPHENwax® not only has the lowest friction, but also lasts longer and is much easier to use. Usually, after dipping the chain into the molten wax, you have to wait for the chain to cool down and then carefully break off each link of the chain so that it can be flexible again, leaving behind crumbled waste and particles on the frame and crank. With GRAPHENwax ® we have reinvented this process. After the chain has cooled down, you simply run your fingers along its entire length and the chain is broken off, leaving no pieces of wax behind. Our wax simply doesn't crumble as the chain moves, which means you have more wax to protect the transmission for longer. It can also withstand hot days when other lubricating waxes melt on your chain. GRAPHENwax® won't stain your fingers when you handle the chain and it's the quietest wax coating you'll use.
GRAPHENwax ® and our World Tour winning GRAPHENlube go great together. If you are planning long rides, you can top up with GRAPHENlube ®. The chain will not need to be cleaned again.

We do not use tungsten disulphide (WS2) or molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) additives; although these substances can have very low friction, they only do so in a vacuum or inert gas. In normal humid air, they not only show high friction but also a very short life due to the rapid oxidation process. The use of these additives in a chain lubricant, where water is often present, is simply unnecessary. We also do not use oils or paraffin oils in the mixture as they have a negative impact on friction.

Details : 
  • Practical: Perfect for road, triathlon, gravel, mountain bike and electric bike riding.
  • Weight : 340 g (+/- 4%)
  • Each box contains 4 squares
  • Color : The wax is black, but on the chain it looks transparent. Does not leave traces.
  • Composition : Hydrocarbon waxes containing a special blend of high purity graphene. It does not contain any harmful solvents
  • Designed in the UK. Made in Poland (EU).

  • You no longer need to painstakingly manipulate the chain links to get the flexibility of the chain. Just run your fingers along the length of the chain once and it's done.
  • It doesn't flake off like other waxes, which means there's no mess when you put the chain on the bike.
  • You don't have to remove the chain like you do with other waxes. You can even backpedal easily from the start.
  • The wax is quiet for a long time because it adheres better to the side of the links, which improves shifting performance.
  • It melts faster in the slow cooker, which saves you time.
  • Lasts longer due to the flexibility of the wax and the Graphene additive.
  • Provides incredibly low friction for much longer than any other wax.
  • Will not melt on your chain on a hot day.


Each warp treatment only uses 3-4g of wax if you let it drip in the crock pot while it dries. We actually weighed it. If you clean your chain with boiling water, let it dry and then wax it, you can do about 62 treatments and still have 100 g left in the crock to ensure complete immersion of the chain. It is only a question of whether you contaminate the wax or whether you clean the chain well with boiling water before each waxing. The wax will still last the same number of applications no matter how much you clean it, but if you contaminate the wax too much, it won't be as effective.It's like walking around the house in shoes. The floor is clean as long as you clean your shoes every time you enter the house.


In simple terms, it is a wax with a specially modified crystal structure and a mixture of additives with high purity graphene that makes it very flexible. Wax-based lubricants are much more tolerant of water and dirt contamination, successfully separating moving chain parts from abrasion and filling in any imperfections in the friction surfaces. Graphene - the miracle material that is not yet commonly used because of its incredibly high cost - is an excellent additive for several reasons. It has an extremely low coefficient of friction in all environments, is far stronger than any other known material and can bond to metal to protect friction surfaces from excessive abrasion. In addition, it is water-repellent and not air-permeable, which reduces oxidative stress on the metal surface. Even a single atomic layer is sufficient to significantly reduce friction.


The chain only squeaks after a few hours of dry riding. This means that there is a lack of wax caused by incorrect waxing. Make sure the temperature of the wax is correct (this is crucial), make sure you wait at least 10-15 minutes after immersing the chain in the wax before shaking it as the chain needs to warm up to the same temperature - you can't rush it. Inserting a cold chain into a hot wax will significantly lower the temperature of the wax. You must therefore let it warm up again. Shake the chain for 3 to 5 minutes so that as many links as possible are bent.* The wax flakes off during my turbo-trainer sessions. - This means that you have not wiped the chain after drying it. Make sure the waxing temperature is correct (this is crucial). After waxing, hang the chain up and wipe it with a paper towel/rag on the outer plates and let it cool. Once cooled, run it through your gloved hand to break the links.


The GRAPHENwax ® coating will last on the chain for approximately 450 km (280 mi) in dry road conditions. Coating life will be reduced in dusty/off road conditions. When the chain starts to dry out, it is time to re-spin it. When riding in rain or wet conditions, the chain should be re-spun after each ride. If you often ride in mud or rain, we recommend the use of our GRAPHENlube, which will considerably reduce the maintenance intervals.

Caution : Remember that molten wax is very hot, so you should always wear appropriate protective clothing, leather gloves and safety glasses. Never leave a slow cooker running unattended. After use, turn off the slow cooker and make sure that the hot molten wax is not accessible to children or other unauthorized persons. Only use the slow cooker to melt the wax. Never use the oven, microwave or cooker. Never exceed 100°C (212°F). Never expose to open flame. Keep out of reach of children. Use in a well ventilated area.



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