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STC Nutrition - Drainaxyl 500 - 500 ml with measuring cap - Red Fruits

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  • New - based of ELIM'REAL ®, active patented clinically proven effects.
    Proven in 14 days!
  • Drain the body in depth: remove water and toxins in excess
  • Reactivate the metabolism, including the ability to burn fat
  • New : graduated measuring Cap

Before starting any cure for weight control, it is recommended to 'clean up' its body, drain, to encourage the elimination of water and toxins, so that all metabolisms can function properly. DRAINAXYL ® 500 is the ideal "Starter slimming».

DRAINAXYL 500 ® is a food supplement made from extracts of plants: fennel, Meadowsweet, goldenrod, dandelion, Guarana, caraway, Hawkweed, quack grass, artichoke, green tea, Mate, papaya, Rosemary, birch, milk thistle, ginger, mint, sweet clover, witch hazel and Red vine.

Specially developed from 20, plant extracts, recognized for their complementary effects, including:

  • An asset patented 100% of natural origin, the Elim'real ® which corresponds to the association of 6 plants * acting in synergy and whose effects on the activation of the drainage and the associated benefits have been clinically proven:
  • The elimination action *: frequency: + 84% / Volume: + 44%
  • Extracts of Bouleau1, Piloselle1, Chiendent1, Pissenlit1, Queen of the pres1, goldenrod gold1, and Artichaut1 have a draining and detoxifying effect. They stimulate the elimination of water and toxins.
  • Extracts of green tea, Yerba maté, Guarana and papaya help to control weight, and in addition to dietary measures, promote the thinning. Green tea supports the oxidation of fats in increasing energy expenditure (Thermogenesis) and reducing body fat.
  • Snippets of fennel, caraway and Rosemary in association with Chardon marie, ginger and mint extracts are involved in digestion and help limit discomfort such as bloating.
  • The Red vine extract, witch hazel and sweet clover promote good circulation.

* Caraway, fennel, Meadowsweet, golden rod and guarana
* Effect found for 805 mg / j of Elim'real ® (either a cap of Drainaxyl ® / j)
(1): scientifically proven assets.

500 ml bottle - concentrate dilute
Available in 2 flavours: Red Fruits and The fishing

* ELIM'REAL ® is the first 100% natural asset to the clinically proven effects on the activation of drainage and the associated benefits. Clinical, randomized double-blind study versus placebo on 95 women lightweight overweight (BMI 25-28) for 805 mg Elim'real ® per day:

Significant increase of elimination:

  • Frequency: + 84%
  • Volume: + 44%

Efficiency felt as of 14 days:

  • Draining
  • Detoxifying
  • Anti water-retention
  • Reduction in the sensation of heavy legs
  • Feeling of refined silhouette
  • Decreases snacking cravings

Operating tips:

30 ml (½ measuring CAP) per day preferably in the morning diluted in a glass of water, or 60 ml (1 measuring CAP) in 1 liter of water mineral, drinking throughout the day. Keep cold after opening. > Cure for 15 days to renew as often as necessary or to position as step no. 1 essential to a longer cure.


Keep out of reach of children, - the heat and humidity A consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy way of life - it is recommended not to exceed the dosage recommended - the green tea extract is discouraged outside meals - not recommended for persons with
allergy to salicylates derivatives - A consume preferably before the date indicated on the vial.


70% plant extract: water, glycerin, Elim'real ®, flavours, acidity corrector: citric acid) preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sweeteners: sucralose.

* Elim'real ® is a registered trademark of / is a trademark of Inoreal (
No sugar - aspartame-free

Average nutritional information per recommended daily dose (1/2 Cap / 30 ml):

Complex drainage - Detox: 5.3 g

  • Including extracts from:
  • Quackgrass: 1287 mg
  • Birch 1287 mg
  • Hawkweed 1287 mg
  • Artichoke 1287mg
  • * Meadowsweet 67 mg
  • * Goldenrod 67 mg
  • * Dandelion 67 mg

Thermogenic complex - Loss of body fat: 3.9 g

  • Including extracts from:
  • 1287 mg green tea
  • Mate 1287 mg
  • Papaya 1287 mg
  • * Guarana 67 mg (titled caffeine)

Complex Digestion - Flat stomach: 5.3 g

  • Including extracts from:
  • Rosemary 1287 mg
  • Ginger 1287 mg
  • Thistle 1287 mg
  • Mint 1287 mg
  • * Fennel 67 mg
  • * Caraway 67 mg

Complex traffic - Light legs: 3.9 g

  • Including extracts from:
  • Vine red 1287 mg
  • Witch Hazel 1287 mg
  • Clover 1287 mg
  • Ginseng extract: 1287 mg
  • Cranberry extract: 1287 mg
  • Acacia fiber: 4.3 g

Total caffeine: 50 mg

Total * ELIM'REAL ® 402,5 mg



Flavour Red Fruits




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