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14 Aptonia Long Distance Lemon Energy Gels 32g


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To bring you energy during your training and competition above 3 hours.

Need a boost so that you are at your best, or in the tough during training or during a competition? These gels will help you hold and push your limits.
  • NERGIC CONTRIBUTION: Provides 88 kcal and 22g of carbohydrates (glucose, maltodextrin) per gel.
  • R REDUCTION OF FATIGUE: Vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to the reduction of fatigue.
  • ANTI-OXIDANT: Vitamin E and zinc help protect cells against oxidative stress
  • EASY OPENING / CLOSING: New opening for only 1 item of waste. Practical and ecological.
  • EASY TRANSPORT: Easily stows and folds away when empty.
  • CONTRIBUTE TO NERGIC YIELD: Vitamin B1 contributes to normal energetic m tabolism.
  • COMPOSITION: Contains 240 mg of BCAA (essential branched amino acids) and 20 mg of coffee.

Designed for endurance efforts of more than 3 hours, this gel does its job very well during your long outings or competitions (trails, triathlons, cyclo or marathons).
BCAAs (essential amino acids), the building blocks of muscle proteins, are also present in this gel. Their contributions are important for the reconstruction of muscle.

To make up for your energy losses during exercise, we recommend that you start by taking Energy gels (which do not contain caf ine or BCAA). At 3/4 of the proof, take Energy gels + (every 45 minutes 1 hour, and 1 at the end of the race). In competition, take the gel ideally just before refueling, to better assimilate them. In training, we advise you to leave with water on you, if no water point on your course.

60g of carbohydrates (= sugars) per hour of sport performed, this is what nutritionists recommend for efforts greater than 3 hours. For this 32g gel, there are 22g of carbohydrates. We therefore advise you to consume 500ml of isotonic drink per hour, in addition to the gel. Don't have a drink carrying solution? We recommend t HYDROGEL +, which is more liquid and contains sodium (the most lost mineral in sweat).

  • Nutritional values: 100g | 32g (= 1 energy gel)
  • Energy value: 1190 kJ 280 kcal | 374 kJ 88 kcal
  • Fat: <0.5g | <0.5g
  • of which saturated fatty acids: <0.5g | <0.5g
  • Carbohydrates: 70.0g | 22.0g
  • of which sugars: 36,0g | 12.0g
  • Proteins: 0.8g | 0.3g
  • Salt: 0.39g | 0.13g
  • Vitamin B1: 1.0mg (94%) * | 0.33mg (30%) *
  • Vitamin B6: 1.3mg (94%) * | 0.42mg (30%) *
  • Vitamin B12: 2.3 g (94%) * | 0.75 g (30%) *
  • Vitamin E: 11.0mg (94%) * | 3.6mg (30%) *
  • Zinc: 9.4mg (94%) * | 3.0mg (30%) *
  • Coffee: 62mg | 20mg
  • L-Leucine: 500mg | 160mg
  • L-Valine: 125mg | 40mg
  • L-Isoleucine: 125mg | 40mg
*% of Reference Daily Contributions

ENERGY GEL +. Carbohydrate gel, rich in vitamins B1, B6, B12, E and zinc, with coffee and BCAA. Go t Lemon. INGREDIENTS: glucose syrup 68% (EU), water, maltodextrin 14%, acidity corrector: citric acid, sodium citrate, L-Leucine 0.50% (China), natural citrus flavor with other flavors natural, zinc citrate (EU), vitamins (EU) [DL-alpha tocoph ryle ac tate (E), thiamine monitrate (B1), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) and cyanocobalamin (B12)], L-Isoleucine 0 , 13% (China), L-Valine 0.13% (China), natural coffee 0.06% (EU). May contain traces of: SOYBEANS AND NUTS.



Flavour Lemon




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