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Bike Racks For Cars

The bike rack, to carry your bike

The bike rack is an essential accessory for all cycling enthusiasts. Whether you're a competitor or a beginner cyclist, the bike rack will be useful in all situations.
It must be adapted to your car but also to your bike so as not to cause damage. It's also important to choose the bike rack that will offer you safety and ease of use.  It is therefore necessary to take into account the distance to be traveled, the number of bicycles to be transported, the frequency of use...

Bicycle racks adapted to each use

  • Roof bike rack:
This type of bike rack is recommended for transporting few bikes on long family trips where access to the boot of the car is essential. Thanks to this system, the boot remains accessible. Be careful, you must have roof bars for this system of bike racks to work.
  • Trunk bike rack:
The trunk back racks are used for short and regular trips. Indeed they are very easy and quick to install and require no fixing system (ball or bar). However this type of model will block access to the boot and limit your visibility.
  • Tow hook bike carrier:
For a few years already, the bike rack on coupling ball has been the most common system. They have evolved greatly in recent years and combine the advantages of the other two systems without keeping their disadvantages.
The bicycle racks on the hitch ball make it possible to put several bicycles (up to 4) and to install them very easily. Some models even allow you access to the trunk by reclining the bike rack.
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