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Eco-responsibility is at the heart of the concerns of many brands and consumers who wish to rethink the relationship that we can have with consumption. The aim of this commitment is to limit the impact and environmental footprint of our purchases.

What is an eco-friendly product? What are Alltricks' commitments on the subject?

An "eco-responsible" product must fit into its environment in the broadest sense. For us, outdoor sports enthusiasts, respecting nature means preserving our playground and the elements that constitute it.
We have decided to highlight brands that are committed to responsibility, whether in terms of product, manufacturing or working conditions, transparency, company commitment, etc.
Below you will find all the criteria that we have considered when making our selection of eco-responsible products. Thus, on each product sheet, the criteria met by the product in question will be displayed.

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Ethical, sustainable, eco-responsible materials

An eco-responsible product must be designed with the greatest possible respect for the environment and/or animals. There are different types of materials that we can gather in this list.

Ecological material
It includes plant materials (e.g. organic cotton), animal materials (e.g. organic wool), and synthetic and artificial materials (such as Tencel)

Certified material
As long as a material has a specific label. For example, we have RWS-certified wool, or RDS-certified feathers.

Recycled material
With for example econyl, recycled polyester or recycled cotton.

Sustainable product
Either through the use of sustainable materials or through products that are guaranteed to be repaired in the brand's service centres.

AB label
Labelled and organically grown products.

Vegan product
No ingredients of animal origin are allowed.

Place and conditions of manufacture

In order to limit the carbon emissions linked to transport, it is obvious that the more local the manufacture, the better. We therefore favour French manufacturing or manufacturing in European countries with favourable social conditions (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Scandinavian countries, etc.). Unfortunately, some materials are not available nearby. Is a product made on another continent necessarily a bad choice? We don't think so, because there are factories that have been labelled to ensure good working conditions for employees (examples of labels: Fair Wear, Foundation Fair Trade Max Havelaar, WFTO, SA 8000, etc).

Made in France
It is a label affixed to manufactured products to inform the consumer about the place of manufacture: in this case, the product is made in France.

European manufacture
We have chosen to indicate this when social conditions are favourable and ethic is present in the manufacturing plants.

Labelled factory
These factories have at least one label attesting to their commitment to eco-responsibility, the continuous improvement of production conditions and the working conditions of employees.

Company commitment

We can speak of a company's commitment when it tries to reconcile economic activity and eco-responsibility while placing people and/or ecology at the centre of its activity.

Eco-responsible production conditions
This attribute brings together a range of arguments including the provenance of the products, the production and processing methods and the distribution. It also includes the consumption of renewable energy and the treatment of waste (waste water, manufacturing defects, packaging). Finally, we also highlight the recycling processes (production offcuts, waste, etc.).

Working conditions
Working conditions remain a major element in ensuring the safety and well-being of employees. This includes a remuneration that allows them to live correctly, as in the case of fair trade. The conditions remain decent for the workers with the maintenance of know-how and traditions.

Transparency and traceability
These are the companies that clearly and simply explain the origin and composition of the products, their traceability, or the human conditions of production.

Involvement in associations
Companies have a mission to reduce their impact on their own scale but also to help, as far as possible, their global environment. These are the companies that commit themselves to associations, whether it is for a concrete action or a donation of part of their income. These companies thus participate in the development of environmental, social or ethical projects.

Our eco-responsible brands

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Please note that some brands only meet our conditions on certain product ranges or on certain products only. on certain products only. We are not necessarily talking about the brand as a whole. It will then be indicated on the product sheet if it corresponds to our value grid by the various pictograms as well as an and an "eco-responsible" label.

If you would like to help us keep this page up to date, please let us know of any changes or additional information via our additional information via our contact page.


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