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Mavic Ksyrium SL Disc 700mm Front Wheel | 12x100 mm | Center Lock | 2021



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Ksyrium has always represented the best in aluminum wheel technology. In the footsteps of the venerable Ksyrium Elite and Ksyrium Pro, the Mavic Ksyrium SL Disc has no reason to be ashamed. Looking for a wheelset for weekend races and distance training? Wherever the road takes you, this is the safest choice.

This wheel is extremely light (120g less than the old Ksyrium Elite UST Disc) and still as durable thanks to Mavic's patented ISM 4D process. This machining process removes all excess material between each spoke hole, while maintaining sufficient wall thickness where spoke tension and stress are greatest. These rims are made in France, in the brand's aluminum rim factory. The tightened spokes help to further reduce weight and achieve an even more responsive wheel. Their patented elliptical shape also saves energy for greater efficiency.

Fore technology increases rigidity. The upper rim bridge is not drilled; it therefore remains resistant and rigid, and does not require the installation of a rim tape (another 30 g less per wheel). With the new upper rim bridge profile, fitting and removing a tire has never been so easy; Mavic's UST Tubeless technology reduces rolling resistance and increases grip while limiting the risk of punctures. The Infinity hub platform optimizes stiffness and power transfer, thanks to carefully adjusted spoke tension. The Instant Drive 360 freehub body guarantees, together with the automatic adjustment of the QRM Auto bearings, quick engagement, good rigidity and increased durability. Designed specifically for disc brakes, Center Lock only, these wheels are compatible with a 12 x 100 front axle and 12 x 142 rear axle, and convertible to quick release by means of adapters.

The + product:

  • Ultralight and durable for everyday performance : the ISM 4D rim weighs just 400g. Patented lightweight aero spokes and a 22mm high and 19mm wide rim reduce inertia and increase handling. Thanks to the strength of the upper rim bridge, there is no need for rim tape, which saves another 60 g.
  • Lateral stiffness and vertical flexibility for more dynamic handling: Fore technology guarantees the solidity of the rim's upper bridge, which increases its rigidity. New Infinity hub platform: rigid axle, durable bearings and new hub design for guaranteed wheel stability. ID360 freehub body for better power transfer.
  • Optimized UST Road System : The optimized UST Road system allows for more speed, more comfort and better handling, all with an easy-to-use tubeless system. Who says no inner tube means less friction, more efficiency and grip, and better protection against punctures. The new profile of the upper rim bridge makes it easier to fit and change tires. With Fore drilling technology, you no longer need a rim tape.


Use :
  • ASTM Category 2: Roads and paths, jumps from a height of less than 15 cm.
  • To optimize the longevity of the wheels, Mavic recommends that the maximum weight supported by the wheels does not exceed 120 kg (bike weight included).
  • Recommended tire widths: 25 to 32 mm.
  • Max pressure : refer to the indications on the wheel and the tire. If they are different, choose the lowest.
Rim :
  • Material: Maxtal.
  • Height: 22 mm.
  • Specific profile for disc brake.
  • Weight reduction: ISM 4D.
  • Pneumatic: UST Tubeless and inner tube.
  • Internal width: 19 mm.
  • ETRTO size: 622 x 19TC.
  • Fore tubeless rim tape technology.
  • UST Tubeless technology.
  • SUP welding technology.
Spokes :
  • Material: steel.
  • Shape: straight, aerodynamic ellipticals, constricted (patented).
  • Nipples: aluminum, integrated Fore.
  • Number: 24 front and rear.
  • Shelving: front and rear crossed by 2, contactless.
Versions :
  • Disc standard: Center Lock.
Hubs :
  • Front and rear body: aluminum.
  • Axle material: aluminum.
  • Front: compatible quick release and 12 x 100 thru axle
  • Infinity hubs.
  • QRM Auto automatic bearing adjustment technology.
Delivered with :
  • UST valve and accessories.
  • User guide.
Weight :
  • Rear wheel: 723 g.


  • Lightweight ISM 4D rim technology : Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions Mavic's exclusive patented process, the ISM 4D significantly reduces weight and inertia without compromising longevity. Faster acceleration, better handling and increased resistance; the perfect combination to make the most of your outings. The smooth profile also helps reduce aerodynamic drag.
  • Maxtal aluminum alloy : lightness and strength. A true Mavic exclusive, this specific aluminum alloy offers a better strength / weight ratio than the classic 6106 alloy.
  • Fore tubeless technology without rim tape : stiffer and more robust. Instead of being drilled, the lower rim bridge is pushed back on the inside and then threaded to allow the spoke nipples to be screwed in directly and to leave the upper bridge intact.
  • UST Tubeless technology : Universal Standard for Tubeless traction and control. Ready-to-drive tubeless system. The UST system improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and the risk of punctures.
  • Instant Drive 360 Freewheel System : The new Instant Drive 360 freewheel system is ultra light and efficient. An oversized non-contact rubber seal reduces friction to a minimum, and a wide choice of adapters makes it compatible with all types of frames and axles.
  • QRM Auto Automatic Bearing Adjustment Technology : Mavic Auto Bearing Quality Our latest innovation. These cartridge bearings are obviously double sealed, with C3 internal clearance. Their preload is automatically adjusted to ensure, in the long term, a perfect rotation without any play.
  • SUP welding technology : a more robust and smoother "Soudé Usiné Process" connection. After strapping, the rim fitting is arc welded. The welded joint is then machined to obtain a smooth finish.


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Axe Avant 12 x 100 mm
Type TubeType
Tubeless / UST
Wheels Material Aluminium
Rims Profile 22
Brake Mount CenterLock




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