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Tacx NEO 2T Smart Direct Transmission Hometrainer


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The iconic, modern and popular Tacx NEO 2 Smart hometrainer has been optimized with an even quieter and more powerful Smart direct drive. Its motor has been redesigned to offer a better indoor cycling experience and a better riding feeling, especially on climbs and sprints. The NEO 2T Smart

is quieter than ever and without a doubt the most powerful, realistic and accurate trainer to date.

What's new about the Tacx NEO 2T Smart

  • Improved noise level: Significantly reduced noise from air movement or vibration.
  • Improved ride feel: More driving power for a better ride feel on climbs and sprints.

Product highlights
  • Complete Silence: By redesigning the magnets, we have significantly improved the silence level of the NEO 2T. Noise from internal air movement is reduced, as well as the vibrations seen at low speeds that were transferred to the ground. The result is a Smart Trainer that is quieter than you would expect.
  • More power for climbs and sprints: The NEO 2T's new engine design also improves the feel of the ride when climbing and accelerating. We increased the power of the NEO 2T's motor, which allowed us to generate higher levels of resistance in specific conditions, such as sprinting or at low speeds.
  • Pedal stroke analysis: The NEO 2T was already equipped with a capacitive sensor on the left and right side that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs. By adding the standard ANT+ cycling dynamics, you can now analyze your pedal stroke via third party software, for example on a Garmin Edge bike computer.
  • Accurate: The Tacx NEO 2T Smart measures your power with incredible accuracy, ensuring that your data is accurate and reliable. This Smart trainer is the only one that does not require a calibration process. This Smart trainer measures your power with an accuracy of less than 1%.
  • Smooth pedaling feel: The NEO 2T Smart is very responsive and responds instantly to changes in speed or incline. It also features dynamic inertia that compensates for weight, speed and angle of incline to ensure the most realistic and smoothest riding feel possible.
  • Compatible with many hub axles: The NEO 2T Smart rear axle has been redesigned for compatibility with more bikes, without the need for an adapter. It's directly compatible with all bikes. You will only need an additional adapter for the 135 × 10 and 135 × 12 axles.
  • Road surface simulation: Experience the real vibration of riding on paved roads, gravel, and other road surfaces. This immersive feature is unique to the NEO trainer series and can be used with Tacx and Zwift videos.
  • Downhill simulation: At the top of a hill or mountain, you always have the exciting feeling of accelerating downhill. This trainer is able to reproduce that feeling. Just like in real life, the NEO 2T Smart accelerates downhill.
  • Stable yet flexible: The design of the NEO 2T Smart allows for a few degrees of movement to the left and right during use. Its frame follows the natural course of your body, giving you a certain freedom of movement that enhances the feeling of realism.
  • No AC power required: The NEO 2T Smart does not require an external power source, as it generates its own energy from your pedaling motion. So you can use this direct drive trainer anywhere you want. When connected to an external power source, the downhill simulation function is activated.

Comes with

  • One month subscription to Tacx Premium software.
  • Direct drive locking axle 12x142 & 12x148 mm.
  • Front wheel support.
  • Quick release (QR) for road and mountain bikes (5 mm).
  • Delivered without cassette

Tacx NEO 2T Smart details

  • Type of hometrainer: Interactive Smart direct drive with motorized brake.
  • Magnets: 32 neodymium magnets.
  • Transmission: Not included.
  • Electrical specifications: 110-240 Volt, optional mains connection.
  • Power indicator: Floor spotlight, Multicolor light.
  • Connection indicator (ANT+/Bluetooth): 2 LED lights.
  • Possibility of firmware upgrade: Yes.
  • Cassette compatibility : Shimano & Sram: 8 - 12 speeds. Campagnolo, Sram XD and Sram XD-R freewheel bodies sold separately. Not suitable for Specialized SCS system.
  • Axle Compatibility: Rear axle width: Road 130 mm, MTB 135 mm, 142 mm and 148 mm. Adapters for 10x135 mm available as an option.


  • Max. power (40 km/h): 2200 Watt.
  • Max. inclination : 25 %.
  • Downhill simulation : Yes.
  • Max. torque 85 Nm.
  • Max. braking power : 250 N. : 250 N.
  • Steering wheel : Virtual.
  • Mass inertia: Variable up to 125 kg.
  • Calibration: No calibration required.
  • Footprint (L × W): 575 × 750 mm.
  • Height: 550 mm.
  • Folded dimensions: 620 × 260 × 440 mm.
  • Weight: 21.5 kg.
  • Article code: T2875.

Data output and control

  • Wireless communication: ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth Smart open.
  • Controls: Stand-alone, ANT+FE-C bike computer, computer with ANT+ antenna, smartphone, tablet.
  • Output: Cadence, Power, Speed.
  • Display: Sports watch, ANT+FE-C bike computer, computer with ANT+ antenna, smartphone, tablet.
  • Accuracy : < 1 %.





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