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Compex SP 8.0 Wod Edition Electrostimulator



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To recover faster, increase performance, strength / endurance, help prevent injury and relieve pain.

The high-end wireless stimulator SP8 Wod is designed for crossfitters who train and compete regularly. Connectable and scalable, it integrates the brand new MI-Autorange function for even more results.

The SP8 Wod is delivered with additional accessories and 5 years warranty.

Compatible with the free Compex Coach app (available for Android and Iphone): will help you set your goals, plan your workouts, remind you of your next Compex session and share your sessions with your friends.


Equipped with unique MI (Muscle Intelligence) technology, Compex stimulators adapt to each of your muscles for more effective electrostimulation, guaranteeing greater comfort and better performance.



Scans the muscle and automatically adjusts the parameters of the stimulator to your physiology.


Maximize the effectiveness of your workout by combining voluntary contractions and electrostimulated contractions allowing you to have total control over your training.


Facilitates the adjustment of stimulation levels for pain relief programs to guarantee you an optimal result.


A brand new function that allows your Compex device to automatically determine the most suitable stimulation level
optimizes the efficiency of the session by associating contractions
volunteers and electrostimulated contractions by allowing
the user to have total control over the training.
a whole new function that allows the device
Compex to automatically determine the level of
most suitable stimulation. MI-ACTION
  • 40 programs
  • 4 stimulation channels for complete work sessions.
  • A website for getting started with your device to cover the main functions, tips and tricks online, all with videos.

Category and programs:
Physical preparation:
Endurance Resistance Strength Explosive force Overcompensation Prevention of ankle sprain Cross-training Sheathing Hypertrophy Bodybuilding Potentiation heating Capillarization

R cup ration / massage:
Recuperation after training Recuperation after competition Relaxing massage Reduced body aches Regenerating massage

Pain killer:
Pain reliever TENS D contracting Muscle pain Neck pain Back pain Lumbago Epicondylitis Tendonitis Heavy legs Prevention of cramps

R eduction:
Muscle wasting Strengthening

Firm my arms Tone my thighs Sculpt my abs Develop my biceps Build my shoulders Develop my pecs Firm my belly Sculpt my glutes Body power Lymphatic drainage
Contents of the box:
  • T l order
  • 4 modules
  • Charging station
  • 8 electrode charger
  • Snap 5x10 cm (double clip)
  • 8 Snap electrodes 5x10 cm (single clip)
  • 16 Snap electrodes 5x5 cm (single clip)
  • Rigid carrying case
  • Protective shell for remote control
  • USB cable
  • instruction manual
  • Carrying case
  • 4 elastic bands

  • Technology: wireless
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Number of programs: 40
  • Power 120mA, 150Hz, 400us
  • Web Connection: Yes
  • T l loading of objectives: Yes
  • Screen: Matrix color
  • Rechargeable battery in less than 2 hours
  • Guarantee: 2 + 3 years *

* + 3 years warranty by registering on the Compex site





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