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The Elite NERO is an interactive roller that interacts with apps, software, computers and peripherals (Smartphone and tablet) of any type working with IOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

Being interactive, Nero can automatically adapt the resistance according to the type of training in progress. In addition, it simultaneously sends all training data to programs and apps.

This exchange between the roller and the programs / apps is completely wireless (ANT + and Bluetooth)

The Nero is a small concentrate of innovative technical solutions that improve the experience of indoor training.

Before the Nero, one of the major drawbacks of rollers was the poor roundness of the pedal stroke. With the Nero, this problem has been completely solved thanks to the addition of two handwheels positioned on the 2 rear rollers.
Thanks to these steering wheels, even on a hill, the roundness of the pedal stroke is assured and offers the cyclist a feeling very similar to that of the road.

For the inexperienced rider, starting to pedal on a roller is really not easy.
With the Nero you will break the ice immediately. You will have no fear of losing your balance. The Nero has a small step integrated into the structure that allows you to start pedaling safely.
Thanks to this short step, the cyclist can support the foot and therefore have better stability when getting on and off the bike.
Then, when you need it more, the small step moves back into the main roller structure and disappears and allows the NERO to close completely.

The + product:

  • NERO is compatible with both racing bicycle and mountain bike wheels.
  • The front roller is adjustable in 11 different positions to allow perfect compatibility with the dimensions of the frame of the bicycle used.
  • The perfectly smooth surface of the rollers minimizes noise and tire wear.
  • Nero has grabbed all the best of Quick-Motion.

  • NERO closes simply and quickly in three parts, reducing the footprint by 50% when the roll is not in use.

  • Folded up, it is easy to transport thanks to the ergonomic handle integrated into the frame and its locking system.
  • The technical characteristics of the three rollers guarantee simple speed control.
  • The ends of the rollers, with their typical parabolic shape, immediately bring the bike back to the center of the roll.
    The latter simplifies the approach of the rollers since it is able to absorb the sudden movements, typical of the initial lack of confidence, by restoring them gently.
  • This makes it easier for the less experienced athlete to get used to Nero and to quickly benefit from his training on this type of roller.

  • In addition, the floating system implemented on the Nero considerably improves all the athletic movements performed by more experienced users who decide, for example, to ?play dancer?. Indeed, it absorbs the rapid movements typical of a ?dancer? training and gradually restores them.

  • The major difference between Nero and Quick-Motion is interactivity.
    QUICK-MOTION's three-level magnetic resistance unit is replaced by a new interactive unit capable of simulating up to 7% slope, a remarkable percentage considering the type of product, i.e. - say a roll.
    This results in roller training becoming interactive, fun and exciting.
  • The many athletic activities that can be performed on this roller are associated with the use of current software available on the market.
    Attack a hill, whether with a Real Video from Elite or from the virtual world of Zwift, on the Nero and you will be able to feel the resistance constantly changing to give you a near real experience.


  • Reference: EL0182001
  • Interactive free-roller home trainer with Floating system (plug required)
  • Parabolic rollers and suspension system to keep the balance
  • Integrated step for easy getting on and off the bike
  • Compact folding frame with a handle for easy movement
  • 11 configurable levels for a wheelbase of 944 - 1144 mm
  • 2 flywheels in the rear rollers for uniform rolling
  • Electronically controlled magnetic brake with continuous resistance levels
  • Resistance controlled on the computer by ANT + or Bluetooth
  • Interaction with app, software, Windows computers, bike computers, and tablets and smartphones (iOS or Android) via ANT + (FE-C) and Bluetooth Smart
  • Outputs data on speed, cadence and performance (cadence and performance calculated; for more accurate results, use external ANT + or Bluetooth Smart sensors)
  • incl. 12 months free access to the Elite My E-Training app





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