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Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow Black

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Selle Italia presents Model X Green Superflow, the first saddle born from the new eco-sustainable Green-Tech production process designed and developed entirely in Italy. A revolutionary and unique product that combines high performance, attention to the environment, made in Italy and a competitive price.

Since its foundation, Selle Italia has invested in research and development because it is convinced that only innovation allows growth and introduced, last summer, Green-Tech: a production process that allows us to obtain products with low environmental impact, eco-sustainable, quick to produce and at competitive costs. It is an automated system, completely developed in Italy and unique in the world, which allows to obtain top-of-the-range saddles without the use of glues and polyurethanes, substances known to have a strong environmental impact.

The first saddle born from the new production process has seen the light these days under the name of Model X Green Superflow, a product that represents an absolute novelty because it assembles three components mechanically and without using polluting adhesive substances. For the production of the saddle, in fact, we have used Flex Control technology, that is to say a special shell composed of two elements with different flexibility able to guarantee greater comfort and superior resistance compared to products of the same market range. The third component is the Fec Alloy rail, an iron-carbon steel alloy with high strength and flexibility.

Among the other technical features of the Model X Green Superflow saddle, we should highlight the Total Gel padding (with integrated antibacterial treatment) that covers the entire surface of the shell and the waved shape, which makes this saddle suitable for cyclists who like to maintain a more stable position in the saddle even on long rides. In addition, following the idmatch system and thanks to its waved shape, this saddle is particularly suitable for those with a retroverted pelvis.

Model X Green Superflow is a completely Made in Italy saddle, this element is considered extremely important by the company from Treviso, especially in light of the critical problems that have arisen in the supply chain of the cycling world during the 'last year. In addition, with the latest addition to the Selle Italia range, the brand is moving ever closer to eco-sustainable production to meet the needs of all those who care about the environment but are also looking for performance and comfort at a competitive price.

Features :
  • Dimensions : 145mm X 245mm
  • Weight : 315 g
  • Rail : Fec Alloy
  • Hull : Green-Tech
  • Match ID Size : L3
  • Color : Black
Technology :
  • Green-Tech : A special production technology that allows to create a 100% eco-sustainable product, assembled without the use of glue materials. A completely Made in Italy process, capable of minimizing CO2 emissions.
  • Total Gel : Special gel padding that covers the entire saddle and provides better shock absorption function in all conditions.
  • Flex Control : Differentiated elastic module inside the shell that allows to improve the resistance of the product and ensure the right flexibility improving comfort.



Gender Men
Saddle Lengh 245
Saddle Width 145
Mounting Round Rails
Rail Material Alloy
Channel Opened




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