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ROTOR Road Chainring QXL Interior 38 teeth 110mm BCD Aero for Shimano 11s 4 Spokes


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What is a QXL tray?

The new QXL is a Q-Rings with increased ovality. It has the same shape as the standard Q-Ring, in order to maintain an exceptionally smooth drivetrain.

How does the QXL fit into our current range?

QXL chainrings don't replace Q-Rings, they complement them. Just as there are different rim heights, each optimal for different situations, the Q and QXL are complementary as each of them is suitable for different rider profiles The QXL Chainring will sustain growth in the non-round chainring market, and ROTOR expects it to dominate the market sooner or later.

Why did we design the QXL tray?

Although the Q-Rings have won a significant number of major cycling titles (Olympic Gold Medal, Tour de France, Vuelta, World Road Championships, Chrono, Cyclocross, MTB Marathon, Duathlon, Triathlon and many, many 'others) a range of products which does not develop regress in the eyes of the consumer. ROTOR believes that the specific shape of its Q-Rings offers the best compromise between optimal adaptation, biomechanical stability and efficiency for most riders; but we are also aware from the scientific research carried out and the comments of professional runners that a greater ovality may be desirable and useful for some athletes. The QXL is designed more for one type of rider than a specific cycling discipline. When we applied our knowledge of biomechanics to a more pronounced ovalization, we saw positive feedback from professional runners who had not yet been completely satisfied with the Q-Rings. These athletes mentioned a marked improvement, especially when pedaling as a dancer and when accelerating. We have seen that the QXL is more efficient when you are riding in conditions of maximum intensity, high power (peak power), such as time trials, sprints, breakaways, or efforts that involve pedaling in frequent dancer.

Which user profile for which Qring.

Our two Q-rings (standard and XL) are more efficient than a round chainring, but each is optimized for a specific type of user. To help customers choose the right product, we have created a ?Selection Guide? (CF Table) to help customers determine which version of Q-Rings is best suited to their riding style, type of effort. .

The QXLs are intended for runners with a predominantly rapid muscle contraction (Fast fibers). These are generally the so-called ?Powerful? runners, with a muscle mass and a peak of power higher than the average (the sprinters for example). For these athletes, greater ovality allows them to reduce negative work compared to our standard ovalization. The QXL is more effective for dancer efforts (sprinting or climbing), as it optimizes peak power as dead spots become more critical.

Standard Q-Rings are intended for runners with predominantly slow muscle contraction (Slow fibers). They seek flexibility and economy of their pedaling to express their potential. These runners are those with a medium to low peak power (endurance cyclists). In this case, less ovalization is preferable in order to maintain optimal muscle activation.

Standard Q-Rings in particular improve constant-intensity effort while seated, over long distances, where economy is essential for performance. To guide you in your choice, consult our Qrings VS QXL choice guide.

On the biomechanical level.

One of the ideas is to say that increased ovality necessarily offers more benefits. However, our scientific studies show us that the optimal shape of the oval chainring varies depending on the cyclist, his type of dominant muscle fibers (slow or fast). We tested our standard Q-Rings under different conditions (different speed variation, different activation / deactivation value?) and we showed that the optimal ovalization depends on the type of muscle and activation / deactivation. With the use of oval chainrings, the speed slows down when the crank goes down, in order to maximize the time spent in the phase of maximum efficiency (peak power). An increased ovalization allows greater muscle activation and therefore more positive work, ie an increase in the power produced. Also, during dead spots, the crank returns more quickly, which allows the muscles used in these areas to relax more quickly and therefore to produce less negative work. Thus, a balance must be found between maximizing the time spent in the pushing (descent) phase and minimizing the negative work that results when the muscles are relaxed. This explains why many riders may prefer a different ovalization and feel more comfortable with one or the other (Q or QXL).

  • QXL chainring for Shimano 11-speed 4-spoke Road crankset
  • 110mm center distance 4 holes
  • CNC aluminum
  • Black

Weight checked Alltricks: 50g



Position Internal
BCD 110




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