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AbsoluteBlack Narrow Wide Direct Mount Oval Chainring for Race Face Cranks 12 S Black


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The original, one and only AbsoluteBlack Narrow Wide Direct Mount Oval Chainring for Race Face Cranks 12 S a narrow and wide oval chainring designed for the RaceFace CINCH direct mount system. This version is designed for Boost and Fat Bikes. It is the most premium oval chainring on the market with scientifically proven performance gains.

Oval chainrings do not produce more power, they increase pedaling efficiency through better power transmission. This means that you won't necessarily go further by pedaling harder. But the less force you lose, the more energy you keep, allowing you to pedal harder when you need to and thus reducing your general fatigue. That's why you can ride faster, longer and further with oval chainrings.

Studies conducted by the University of Primorska, Slovenia, show significant differences between the use of AbsoluteBlack Oval chainrings and conventional round chainrings. It is proven that using an oval chainring can provide up to a 9% increase in pedal stroke efficiency, up to 7% less oxygen consumption, 15% less breathing and up to a 10% decrease in heart rate.

Details : 
  • Weight : 26D (52g), 28D (54g), 30D (58g), 32D (62g), 34D (69g), 36D (75g)
  • Color : Black
  • Crank compatibility : RaceFace Cinch system RF Next SL G4, Next SL, Next R, RF SIXC, RF Turbine, RF Atlas, AEFFECT, RIDE CINCH cranks.
  • Compatible with all SRAM GXP / BB30 Largo / DUB cranksets with direct mount.
  • Not compatible with Shimano HG+ chain.
  • For 10 / 11 / 12 speeds.
  • CNC machined 7075 Txxx aluminum material. Long life construction. Type II anodized finish.
  • 52 mm chain line.
  • 3 mm offset
  • The most advanced patent pending tooth profile on the market guarantees a minimum of 12 months of excellent chain retention capabilities.
  • Designed in the UK. Made in Poland (EU).
  • Ovality : optimized to each size separately. Range: 10.2-14.4% and 110.5-116.3° after TDC (top dead centre) Patent pending.
The difference between the Boost148 and non-Boost chainrings is only the offset and depression of the chainring itself. You will use the same crank on both Boost and non-Boost bikes, but the offset of the chainrings must be different to match the chainring clearance. Boost chainrings only have a 3mm offset whereas non-Boost chainrings have a 6mm offset.

If you wish to check the frame clearance with a new oval chainring, the measurement of the largest dimension of the oval (from tip to tip of the tooth) is given below: 26D: 118 mm; 28D: 127 mm; 30D: 134 mm; 32D: 143 mm; 34D: 151 mm; 36D: 159 mm.

  • We have mastered our oval chainrings to perfection, so you can get the best possible benefit from the oval/elliptical shape.
  • Very slim design for an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Unique special oval shape (patent pending).
  • Greatly improves traction and climbing ability
  • Unique narrow and wide tooth profiles (patent pending) to keep your chain in place for at least 12 months!
  • Special 3D machining of the teeth for ultimate mud relief, which greatly reduces wear and noise.
  • They save weight because they don't need the spider and chainring bolts.
  • The ability to install a smaller ring size that cannot be mounted on the regular spider.
  • Exceptional quality and look.
  • You will ride faster when using ovals. If you continue to use round rings, the others will be faster.
  • You won't feel the oval shape at all.
  • Reduces stress on the knees
  • The oval chainring does not compromise the work of the rear derailleur clutch mechanism. It also does not require a chain tensioner when used in Singlespeed. 


The chainring has a mark on the back that you need to align with the center of the crank arm to get the main/recommended position. Once this is done, use the BB key to lock the chainring. If you wish to try a more aggressive setup, rotate the chainring from the main position clockwise one notch on the splines. This will rotate the oval an additional 22 degrees. We do not recommend the second position for beginners. Before you start experimenting with the chainring synchronization, make sure you have ridden at least 5 months in the main position.


On Fat Bikes using 26 or 28D chainrings, it is necessary to reverse the chainring dish. The 26 and 28D chainrings have a double recessed mark on the front that you must align with the center of the crank arm to get the correct position. All other steps are identical to the instructions above.


Our main/recommended timing position is a fantastic setup for everyone. However, some more experienced riders may prefer a slightly more aggressive timing position. The RaceFace oval platter allows you to change the timing position 22 degrees in either direction from the initial setting. It is the only chainring in our range that offers this adjustment possibility.

Do I need a chain guide? No. But if you want one, the guide bar must be 2 teeth larger than the nominal size of the oval chainring.

* Always use a new chain with a new chainring.



Position Single
BCD Direct Mount Race Face
Offset (mm) 3
Tooth 36
Speed 10




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