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BioTechUSA BCAA Zero 9g sachet Tropical Fruits



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Sugar-free, flavored BCAA powder in a 2: 1: 1 split, containing 6000 mg of BCAA per serving and with vitamin B6.

  • nearly 7 g of pure amino acids including 6 g of BCAAs
  • with vitamin B6 which contributes to the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins (amino acids)
  • Sugar free;
  • easy to dose;
  • without preservative;
  • without aspartame;
  • a wide range of packaging and taste.


BCAA Zero from BioTechUSA is a flavored amino acid powder containing leucine, isoleucine and valine in a 2: 1: 1 ratio which corresponds to a natural and specific proportion in the structure of the muscles. In synergy, these amino acids dramatically increase muscle building and muscle stimulation. We have also added vitamin B6 to the product which contributes to the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen; as well as reducing fatigue. ?


BCAA Zero is a powdered amino acid product that can be consumed during any type of workout and contains no unnecessary ingredients: it is gluten-free; lactose free; without aspartame; without preservatives and sugar.

1 dose (9 g):

3000 mg of L-Leucine
1500 mg of L-isoleucine
1500 mg of L-valine
700 mg of L-glutamine
2 mg of vitamin B6
Who do we recommend BCAA ZERO to?
To men and women
For all types of training
A pre-workout product for fast, low-calorie amino acid supply
To maintain muscles during long-term training
To those who are on a diet
To those who are preparing for a competition (fitness)


Amino acids are the main building blocks of proteins. They can be found anywhere in the human body. There are amino acids that the human body is capable of producing those are non-essential amino acids. The other group is the essential amino acids which are provided by the diet. Among all the different amino acids; only 20 contribute to the determination of protein structure.

Amino acids are essential for all bodily functions such as digestion; liver function or wound healing. Amino acids maintain the skin; ligaments; muscles; tendons; organs; glands; hair and nails They also contribute to the production of hormones; as well as the neurotransmission of substances and enzymes. In addition; they are also an important source of energy.


BCAAs; which means "branched chain amino acids"; consist of three amino acids: valine; isoleucine and leucine; all of which are particularly important for building muscle. Valine is a source of energy for the muscles; and it also contributes to cell metabolism. Isoleucine is an amino acid necessary for the production of hemoglobin and it also helps in muscle recovery.

Leucine contributes to bone recovery; that of the skin and muscles; and it is also able to increase the absorption of proteins per se. The three amino acids constituting BCAAs greatly improve their effects on muscle growth and their stimulating effects; and they represent a natural and specific proportion in the structure of muscles.

Like all BioTechUSA products; BCAA Zero consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Packaging: 9 g (1 dose), 360 g (40 doses), 700 g (77 doses)

Directions for use: Mix 1 serving (2 scoops = 1 tablespoon) in 300 ml of water and take 15 minutes before training. On days of rest take from meals.

ALLERGENS: Made in a factory that uses milk; eggs; gluten; soybean; crustaceans; of sulfur dioxide and peanuts. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Food supplements can only be used as a supplement to a balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Peach iced tea: instant L-leucine 33% (L-leucine; emulsifiers: lecithins; maltodextrin); L-isoleucine17%; L-valine 17%; aromas; L-glutamine 8%; edible acid (citric acid); instant black tea (Camellia sinensis leaf extract); anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide); sweetener (sucralose); salt; pyridoxine hydrochloride.



Flavour Tropical Fruits




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