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BLUEGRASS 2015 Helmet GOLDEN EYES Orange/Blue


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The Bluegrass Eagle extends its grip.
“One of the cutting edge engineering projects that we have developed recently is HES (Homothetic Embedded Skeleton) construction technology. By partially embedding two shells into each other, we can reduce the weight of the helmet while increasing its shock absorption capacity. It also offers our engineers new design opportunities.
This promising technology has been used in Golden Eyes, the first All-mountain helmet designed by Bluegrass.
Features :
CONCEPT VIRTUAL IMPACT DATA / enables us to impact-test any design virtually before building a 3D model.
HOMOTHETIC EMBEDDED SKELETON / dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell.
IN-MOULDING INTELLIGENT FUSION / different densities of material depending on the characteristics of each model.
FRONT PAD GEL O2 / hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel. Keeps you cooler.
ANTI-ALLERGENIC COOLMAXTM PADS / high-tech material assures rapid evaporation of absorbed perspiration for greater comfort.
KEVLARTM STRAPS / ventilated, with breathable and ultra-resistant they have numerous advantages over traditional straps.
LATERAL DIVIDERS STRONG FIT / positioning them correctly, then blocking them in the chosen position is child’s play.
RETENTION SYSTEM GRAVITY OCCIPITAL LOCK 2 / includes a vertical adjustment. Broader contact area, the pressure is distributed in a homogenous way.
MX TYPE ADJUSTABLE VISOR / tool-free angle adjustment. The peak is attached using anodized aluminium screws. A style statement too!
REFLECTIVE REAR STICKER/ at night or in tunnels, makes the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind.
REMOVABLE KIT FOR CAMERA MOUNT / Stick your camera mount to our MOPOV support. Leaves your helmet clean and tidy when not filming.
GOGGLE LOCK / keeps your goggle strap in place on the helmet.


Gender Men
Varnish Matte




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