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Road Sunglasses Goggles

Road goggles, an essential accessory

The road bike goggles protect the cyclist's eyes against UV, wind and various projections, it's an essential accessory!


How to choose road goggles

Several parameters must be taken into account to provide good visual comfort:

  • The glasses must be anti UV, more or less tinted according to the weather, and ideally treated for anti-fog and anti-scratch. A covering and ergonomic shape will protect the face and allow peripheral vision.  Polycarbonate lenses are the most suitable for cyclists because they are lightweight and shock resistant. It's possible to find corrective lenses.
  • The frame is usually composed of nylon, stainless steel or plastic. The lighter it is, the less you'll feel it, and the more comfortable it will be.

We recommend that you keep the road glasses in their case to protect them from scratches and shocks and to clean them with a chamois or microfibre cloth.

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