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Road Calipers

Road brake caliper

The road bike brake caliper is part of the mechanical braking system, this is where the brake shoes or brake pads are located.

A bike brake caliper is located at the front, above the fork and a caliper is located at the back between the guy wires.

Different types of brake calipers

  • Brake calipers with central draw: by activating the brake lever, two arms holding the the rim tighten to slow down your speed.
  • Brake calipers with side draw: one arm is folded and positioned above the other, by operating the brake lever, the two arms move closer together to tighten the rim.
  • Cantilevers with direct draw: the arms are attached to the bicycle directly on the frame and the fork.
  • Hydraulic brakes: in this case, the calipers remain fixed and only the pads move by means of a hydraulic pressure system.


The road brake caliper must be properly adjusted for optimum braking.


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