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Bike Water Bottle Cages

The bottle cage, an important accessory for hydration

The hydration of the athlete is important because it remedies the mineral losses suffered during the activity. During the effort, water losses increase (sweating) and this can cause dehydration. The sensation of thirst will appear, followed by a drop in performance. It will take some time for the body to rehydrate and get back to a correct level of performance.
It's therefore essential to equip your MTB with a bottle cage, a small accessory that attaches to the frame of the bike and allows to transport a water bottle.

How to choose a bike bottle-cage?

The bottle cage can be made of aluminium, composite, or carbon and can accommodate several types and diameters of bottles depending on the model. Carbon models are very light and often intended for competitors.
For the practice of mountain biking, it will be preferable to choose a MTB bottle cage suitable for all terrains, which will firmly hold the bottle while maintaining a good adaptability.
Some have an elastomeric adjustable capsule that allows them to adapt to all forms of bottles, reservoirs or cans.
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