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Nutrition, care and hydration are very important for sportsmen, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Poor nutrition or hydration is one of the main causes of post-exercise injuries and pain, because of a lack of energy that tires the muscle faster. These nutrition products provide instant energy and are therefore very useful to restore tonus during your effort. Energy bars and gels have the same beneficial effect on the body. However, prefer the gel in case of high heat.  As a compromise between food and drink, gels provide nutrition and hydration during an effort of short and medium duration. The energy bar is very interesting for medium and long-term efforts. Source of protein and fibre, it's the bonus that will make a difference against your competitors during trails for example.

Recovery drinks are much appreciated by sports enthusiasts. To optimise your recovery, you have to replenish your reserves. For this reason, there is nothing like a stretching session followed by an important hydration and an adapted diet. 

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