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Road Brakes

Road bike brakes

Brakes are an essential part of the bicycle in terms of safety. The brake system consists of levers, calipers, shoes and cables.
From the beginning of its history, the bike has been equipped with more or less effective braking systems. At first, bikes were equipped with only one front brake; the pinion being fixed at the time, you could slow down the bike by pedaling.
In the 1890s, with the invention of road bike inner tubes (Michelin), the shoe brakes that equip the front and rear wheels of our bicycles appeared. The calipers are equipped with pads which apply pressure on the rim when the corresponding brake lever is pressed (right handle for rear brake, left hand one for rear brake).
The technique of the first shoe brakes has evolved, and after the development of the rod brakes, the single-pivot brake calipers, and the central draw brakes that equipped our road bikes some thirty years ago. Today, the double-pivot caliper brakes fit most of our road bikes.
The brake pads are to be checked regularly, they are made of a rubber which wears under the friction with the rim in case of braking. If the braking becomes ineffective, the brake shoes must be changed regularly; this is a simple operation.
The rims will also wear out under the mechanical action of the friction of the brake shoes but, fortunately, much less quickly than the latter. It's therefore necessary to regularly check the wear of the rims because a worn rim can break!

Alltricks's tip for the choice of skates: choose the appropriate brake shoe for the type of rim (aluminium or carbon) and check the compatibility of the brake shoe with the brand of the calipers on which they are to be placed. " 40676

MTB pulleys to rotate the chain

The pulleys, also called roller kit, are small wheels located on the rear derailleur's interior cage. They are used to guide and tension your chain.

The pulleys are exposed and can be damaged depending on the conditions (mud, sand, dust...).

It's therefore important to regularly check the MTB pulleys to ensure that the transmission is always efficient.

How to control and maintain MTB pulleys?

To check the condition of your pulleys, it's quite simple; it's the same technique as to check the condition of your gears and MTB chain rings.

If the teeth are still pointed, you have nothing to fear. If the teeth are worn and rounded, the pulleys need to be changed.

However, with a little maintenance you can increase the durability of your rollers: regular cleaning with degreaser and lubrication will prolong their life.

Be careful: there are different models of pulleys depending on the number, the width and the shape of the teeth which can vary.

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