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Triathlon Saddles

The triathlon bike saddles

In triathlon, the position of the cyclist is supposed to lean forward on the bike for a sporty practice. The shape of the triathlon bike should therefore be narrow to optimise the hugh pedaling frequency and avoid friction.

How to choose triathlon bike saddles

When you spend a lot of time on your bike, it's important to choose your saddle model well to avoid pain. The choice of the triathlon saddle is specific to each individual and depends on the practice. Consider the following criteria:

  • The morphology: if you have a large pelvis you'll choose a wide triathlon saddle and vice versa.
  • The type of practice: if you're in leisure mode on a classic road bike, you may opt for a triathlon saddle which is hollow in the middle to relieve the perineum, with a flexible cover and padding for comfort. If you're the competition type on a road bike or time trial bike, a flat-shaped triathlon saddle with an inflexible cover will be more suitable for performance.
  • The length of your outings: if they're long, there will never be enough padding on the saddle!

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