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Tubeless & Puncture Repair Kit

During a bike ride, you are never safe from a puncture, here are several solutions to repair your tyre:

Anti-puncture bombs

The anti-puncture bomb makes it possible to repair a small hole in the tyre by clogging it until you get back home. Simply place the tip of the bomb on the top valve, empty the bomb and turn the tyre to distribute the product.

Anti-puncture bands

Inner tube protection system which reduces the risk of puncture.

Anti-puncture preventive

The anti-puncture preventive fluid can be used on road or mountain bikes, tubes or tubeless tyres. It helps to strengthen the tightness of the tire and to close a possible puncture while rolling.

Tubular adhesive

Product used to glue the tubular to the rim in a tubeless puncture, generally compatible with carbon or aluminium rims. There are tubeless kit with glue, rim bottoms, a presta adapter and a rim tape.


A patch that sticks to the hole responsible for the puncture on the inner tube, this prevents you from replacing it.

Repair kit

The repair kit includes all the tools needed to repair your inner tube: tyre levers, grater, glue and patches for the most complete.


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