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MTB tyres, all-terrain tyres

MTB tyres are tyres specially designed for off-road use.
MTB tyres are designed to deal with often extreme conditions, in the same way as an MTB fork or an MTB frame.

The MTB tyre is wide, with crampons, it has a rather thick structure, and there is a choice of various rubbers to adapt to any kind of conditions.
It's therefore a tyre well adapted to this discipline and one which can't be compared to a BMX or road bike tyre for example.
Finally, it's important to choose your tyres because they are in direct contact with the ground. They must allow you to go everywhere: on grass, earth, mud, gravel...

Inner tubes, bombs anti-puncture... additional accessories for MTB tyres

The MTB tyres can be directly mounted on the rim (Tubeless) or else they require an assembly with an inner tube.
MTB inner tubes are designed for this discipline. They allow you to find the right pressure with a greater margin of manoeuvre than road bike tyres in order to have the best adherence/grip ratio.

If you use an inner tube, it's almost essential to have specific accessories to avoid repairing your puncture for hours, or to reduce the risk of punctures.
In this case, puncture bombs and preventive fluids are useful MTB tyre accessories to have.

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