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Bike Bearings


Bearings are very important parts of the bicycle as a bearing of poor quality or in poor condition will alter the performance of the bike.

Whether at the crankset's or the wheel hub's level, a defective bearing will result in resistance and will tend to slow down the cyclist.
These bearings must be taken care of regularly: lubrication about every two years on a road bike.
You can see the bad condition of the bearings when you notice that there is play or buckling in the wheel, in the pedals, in the steerer tube.
There are many bearings in a bicycle:
· Steerer tube,
· Wheels,
· Bottom bracket,
· Pedals.
These bearings are generally made of steel, but in recent years ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings have appeared.
The advantage of ceramic bearings is a very low coefficient of friction, longer durability, no maintenance, better resistance to shocks. They are generally more expensive than steel bearings.

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