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    Alltricks showroom

    Come and see us !

    Come to our showroom and discover a space dedicated to biking, with more than 300 brands and 100 000 products. Have a look at the new products for MTB, ROAD, BMX and the equipment for the rider.
    If you need some advice, maintenance to be done on your bike, our team of experts will be here to help you.

    Alltricks showroom entrance

    Bike parts Alltricks showroom

    Place your order on the website and come to pick it up at our showroom !

    Our commitments: availability of the products and a top-priority delivery of your order when you come to pick it up at our showroom.

    How to do it ? When you place your order on, chose «Retrait sur place» as the shipping option. When your payment will be validated, your order will be processed and waiting for you directly at the showroom.

    sportswear Alltricks showroom

    You can also place your order at the showroom !

    How to do it ? ou place your order and your payment directly on the computers available for you at the showroom. Do not forget your log-in and password if you have them.
    You can also register at our showroom, or directly on-line.

    Payment methods: Credit Card and bank check
    All details on our payments methods.

    Opening hours:
    Tuesday to Friday from 01.00pm to 07.00pm
    Saturday from 09.30 am to 04.30 pm


    250m² of MTB, ROAD and BMX parts and all the necessary kit you may need.
    A dedicated team available to answer all your questions.
    A possibility to try out the products.

    sport wear Alltricks showroom MTB Alltricks showroom
    Road bikes Alltricks showroom Road wheels Alltricks showroom

    Prestigious Brands available only at our showroom.

    Some of our brands are exclusively deal on our showroom. Come and discover all our Trek bikes and the beautiful Time bikes.

    Exclusive Trek Alltricks showroom

    All Trek bikes


    Safe and well designed MTB’s to ride any trail, from the easiest to the toughest ones.


    Light, fast and designed to fly over the road. For competition, leisure or both.

    Come to our showroom and discover complete bikes, frame-kits and high-end carbon bike parts : forks, stem, handlebars...

    Exclusive Time Alltricks showroom

    Time complete bikes and frame-kits

    Etablished in 1987 by Roland Cattin, TIME Sport designs, manufactures and distributes highly technical bicycles and components

    Come to our showroom discover our complete bikes and frame-kits.

    The Workshop

    Our team of experts are available for the setting, the fixing and the general care of your bike. We are also available for your custom builds. Do not hesitate to come by.
    Click here to know the services prices.

    Experts workshop Alltricks


    Our showroom is at:
    4, avenue Johannes Gutenberg - 78310 Maurepas
    Parking facilities on location.

    Showroom contact:

    Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail
    or by phone at +331 30 48 90 07.