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Bike, a very popular means of transportation

A bike, also called bicycle or cycle is a human-powered, ecological and economical transport mode. Bikes are used for commuting, transportation, for recreational purposes (touring, mountain bikeing…) and for competition (Road racing, track, BMX, MTB racing...)
As biking is faster than walking, it is a very popular means of transportation in many countries.
Bicycles are made of many simple components that all work together: Pedals, Crankset, Derailleurs, Cassette, Wheels, Brakes
The bicycle rider, also called cyclist, sit on a saddle and push the pedals in order to move the bike forward: the teeth on the crankset chainring pull the chain which is attached to the cassette.

The history of bicycles

  • 1818: Karl Von Drais created in Germany the first bike: it was a Draisienne or balance bike which consists of two wheels in tandem.
  • 1830: a scottish man, Kirkpatrick MacMillan, built the 1st two-wheeled mechanically-propelled vehicle: the two wheel velocipede.
  • 1860: a French man added a mechanical crank drive with a pair of pedals to make the first pedal-bicycle.
  • 1870: another French, James Starley, invented the High-Wheel bicycle.
  • 1885: Mr Starley created in England the 1st recognizably modern bike.
  • Racing Bikes and Mountain Bikes have been invented in United States, during the 60s and 70s.

Bike, simple components that all work together

Today, there are various kind of bikes, designed for specific disciplines: Road bikes for Road Cycling, TT Bikes for Triathlon, MTB for Trail Riding, Enduro, Freeride and DH Bikes for Gravity disciplines, BMX for BMX racing, Fixie and City Bikes for commuting…
Whatever your budget or your fitness level, there is a bike for you: from Low-End to High-End bikes, from steel frames to aluminium, carbon or titanium frames, from light weight cycles to heavy duty cycles…
Even if bikes are different from one discipline to another, all of them consists of components that work together:
  • A frame: hardtail or full suspensed, made from alloy, carbon fibre, steel or titanium.
  • Wheels: 20”, 24”, 26”, 27.5”, 29” or 700c.
  • Tyres: clincher or tubular, folding or wire.
  • Drivertrain: Crankset, Chain, Derailleurs, Cassette or Cog…
  • Brakes: disc brakes or V-Brakes, mechanical or hydraulic.
  • Finishing Kit: Stem, Handlebar, Grips, Seatpost, Saddle, Headset…

Alltricks: The Cycling world just one click away

If you are a mountain biker, a road rider, a roadie, a BMXer, a triathlete or a urban rider, then is made for you.
You will find a full range of Bikes, Components, Accessories (Tubes, Tyres, Lights, GPS...), Clothing (Bib Short, Jersey, Gloves…), Nutrition (Hydration, Recovery…) and Protections (Helmets, Knee Pads…) from the biggest brands at great prices.
Alltricks have over 500 brands in stock, over 450 000 items available and ready to be dispatched, next day delivery available.